Green Wraps Up Roundball

Now that a long basketball season has wrapped up for Stevenson junior Cameron Green, he can get back to his main sports. The hoops season didn't slow down his conditioning or his recruitment, though.

Cameron Green's athletic future is likely to be on a field with hashmarks and uprights, but during the winter, he was a member of a Stevenson basketball team that finished 3rd in the state of Illinois in Class 4A.

Green likes to stay busy, and the benefits of playing basketball are something he can reap in the fall.

"It really helps me stay in shape, but it gives me a chance to work on my leadership skills," he said. "I'm with my friends and it helps me build relationships. It's a help both on and off the court."

That leadership has been refined this season in several pressure situations. With Stevenson making such a deep run in the playoffs, Green has learned how to deal with tough scenarios in the heat of a game.

"I'll know how to deal with situations and help out my teammates," he said. "Playing with some of the best players on the court will help me help my teammates on the field."

The basketball season was a long and grueling process, but Green doesn't want to sit idly for too long.

"I may take a week or so break," he said, "but I'm heading right into track season, and I'll probably do some football training, too. I just work on my speed and try to get faster and be more flexible."

Green understands the importance of offseason training, but he also wants to put himself in a position to be an effective leader during his senior season. Following a solid season this past year, Stevenson is poised to make another run.

"We have a lot of people coming back, so I expect a pretty good season," he said. "We just have to get at it, work hard, hit the weight room, and do what our coaches tell us. Our coaches are going to give us every opportunity we can and it's up to us to go out and take it."

Despite being in basketball season, Green picked up several offers from BCS conference schools, including a few from the Big Ten.

"The most recent offers are from Nebraska and Northwestern," he said. "I've had Iowa, Iowa State, Illinois, Purdue, Toledo, and Boston College."

Having teammates who have been recruited for both basketball and football has taught Green a lot about the process. He's taking it all in and they all talk through the recruiting process.

"We're all different," he said. "We play like best friends, but we each go through different things. Whether I'm a potential All-American like Jalen Brunson or a more low-key guy like Connor Cashaw is right now, who's still getting offers, we all go through it at the same time and encourage each other and end up with some good results. They say to just enjoy it, visit places, see new places. Everyone says just have fun."

Green hasn't taken too many visits this spring with basketball in full swing, but now that his season has wrapped up, he only has one trip on his calendar at this point.

"My team is going to Northwestern, and I've been there multiple times," he said. "I'm going to go check that out but other than that I don't really have any plans."

Illinois is a school that has done well early with Green. The coaches have already laid the foundation for the junior's recruitment.

"I have great relationships with the coaches," he said. "They're great guys and treat me well. We talk a lot and they're there for me, whether I commit there or not."

An array of Illinois coaches have been in touch with Green already including Illinois Head Coach Tim Beckman.

"I talk to Coach Bellamy, Coach Ward, and Coach Ricker a lot," he said. "I've been talking to Coach Beckman too and they've been in contact with me a lot."

The pass-heavy offense at Illinois is a selling point for Green, but he'll be looking at the whole package when it comes to college.

"Being a wide receiver, I want the ball. Not in a selfish way, but as a receiver you want to go out and get it. They have great academics and I look at that too. It helps a lot that they're pass heavy, but I look at a lot of things in a school."

He continued, "Academics will be a big factor and what can lead me into a better life after football. Also, I look for good coaching. I don't want to be around people that are just going to put me down and not help me get to the next level."

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