Position Battle: Quarterback

Keeping tabs on a position up for grabs during spring practice.

By now you guys have heard me call this one done and finished. Wes Lunt is the starting quarterback.

Who is winning the battle is no longer the important question.

How the staff utilizes Aaron Bailey is. Bailey is clearly talented enough to help the offense score points. And he's most likely not changing positions. We should probably stop entertaining that idea as well. So, Bill Cubit's luxury can stay a luxury. It doesn't have to be a problem. Let's skip the old saying. I say, if you have two quarterbacks, you have two quarterbacks. It's up to Cubit to figure this out, but it's much better than trying to win without a decent guy leading the huddle.

You don't want to disrupt Lunt's rhythm. You want to give Bailey enough looks. How does Cubit balance those last two statements? That's going to be key in keeping everybody happy, but if done effectively the two can work in unison to help the Illini put up even more points than last season.

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