Monday Tidbits

Quick-hitting news and notes gathered from Monday's practice session.

Was able to get back in Memorial Stadium this morning to see a little bit of practice. It was the usual drills we're used to seeing, but seeing things is better than nothing at all. Here's a few things I picked up from the session…

- Wes Lunt is really, really good. I'm not sure I have to keep typing things like that, but I feel the need to. He makes all the throws and his passes on deep routes hardly ever let me down. He connected with Geronimo Allison a few times in 11-on-11, those two making it look easy against the No. 2 secondary.

- While we're on the QB spot, I didn't see Aaron Bailey take reps in my time watching. He had a dinged up knee just prior to spring break. He looks alright in terms of walking around and moving, but maybe the staff is being cautious with him.

- Back to Captain Obvious statements, Josh Ferguson is clearly the best weapon Lunt has at his disposal. I think Allison has the chance to be by fall, but Ferguson's versatility and explosion is too much to deny him the top spot in the Power Rankings (that I just made up in my head) for the time being.

- I saw Dawuane Smoot make an athletic play, which shouldn't surprise anybody at this point. He came off the edge and stripped the ball from Reilly O'Toole. Smoot could emerge as the pass rusher that is so desperately needed.

- O'Toole needs to be decisive. He holds the ball too long, but I suppose if it's not happened yet it's not going to.

- Here's your starting wideouts in the three-look set: Allison, Justin Hardee, Mikey Dudek.

- Here's your starting defensive people: Kenny Nelson, Austin Teitsma, Jarrod Clements, Dejazz Woods, T.J. Neal, Mason Monheim, Eaton Spence, V'Angelo Bentley, Earnest Thomas, Zane Petty, Taylor Barton.

- Yeah, blame me for being concerned about that side of the ball? There's nothing left to say.

- And lastly… your music selections for the practice were: Dave Matthews Band (I'm so over Dave Matthews. And his Band. I would like to see him live though), MJ's Billy Jean, a Ludacris rap/rock remix of Get Back… And then an interesting denial occurred. A song by Lil Wayne/Birdman was playing and the entire team, led by Coach Beckman, stopped and yelled at the "DJ" to change the song. Maybe Lil Wayne has lost his prestige in Champaign. The next hit was Jay Z's On to the Next One was approved.

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