Top TE Target Visits Illinois Again

One of the top players in the state of Illinois in 2015 and top Illinois tight end target David Edwards made his second visit of the spring to the Illini Spring Game on Saturday. See what he had to say about the Illini and more.

2015 Downers Grove North tight end David Edwards is the top tight end target for Illinois in the junior class. Edwards has been to Illinois several times, and, in addition to seeing the game, wanted to continue to strengthen the relationship he has with the Illinois staff.

"I came down because I want to build a great relationship with the coaches," he said. "That's very important to me. I have a great relationship with Coach Golesh, Coach Cubit, and Coach Beckman. I also wanted to see Wes Lunt throw it."

Illinois quarterback Wes Lunt has received a lot of talk among Illinois prospects who are familiar with what he did in high school. Edwards, especially as a pass-catcher, paid special attention to the big-armed quarterback.

"I went down for practice about a month ago. Coach Cubit always told me that he was the real deal," he said. "Watching him in practice, the way he throws the deep ball and his arm strength is unbelievable."

Those relationships he has with the coaching staff are going to be especially important in the recruiting process.

Going and seeing different places is good. Building those relationships is important," Edwards said. "You don't just go to a school because of the school. You also go because of the people there."

Edwards has been on somewhat of a Big Ten road tour this spring. But he's pretty set on staying within the Big Ten when it comes to making a final decision.

"This is my 2nd time seeing Illinois this spring," he said. "I've been to Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State, and Ohio State. I think that staying home is pretty important to me. The Big Ten is definitely where I want to be. I mostly want to stay in the midwest. Illinois is definitely one of my top schools, but in general staying close to home is important."

Schools have used some creative recruiting methods with Edwards, but even the basic things go a long way with him.

"Some of the mail I get is pretty cool," he said. "Illinois has sent me mail with me on the cover of an XBOX game or things like that. But it's always cool seeing coaches you see on TV and meeting the different strength coaches and actually talking to them. Its humbling and it's a blessing."

Though his focus is B1G, other schools have still gotten involved and have shown more interest.

"Ohio State, Arizona State, and Syracuse have started talking to me more," Edwards said. "I think staying with schools like Illinois and other Big Ten Schools are important."

Edwards, a high school quarterback in an option system, knows that his future in college won't be at the quarterback position. Most schools want the athletic Edwards at tight end, but some schools see him growing into another spot.

"I've also been told by a school or two that I'll play left tackle," he said. "Iowa wants me at left tackle. But we run the option at my school so playing quarterback in there, it helps me build toughness. And this conference has some of the best if not the best in the country. I need to add weight, but it will help me in the long run."

Still, Edwards has to prepare this offseason for his upcoming high school season. Heading into his senior year, he now is working out at both his current and future positions.

"I work with Jeff Christiensen on my throwing and do some work as a tight end," he said. "I actually just joined Core 6's 7-on-7 team, and our first tournament is Sunday at Addison Trail."

With most of the spring college season out of the way, Edwards will put the visit tour on hold until the summer. Once camps get going, he may get out to another school or two.

"I don't have any visits scheduled," he said. "This is my last stop for a while. I'll probably hit camps at Michigan and Ohio State this summer."

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