Post-Spring Depth Chart: Defense

A look at where the defensive depth chart stands at the conclusion of spring practices.

Austin Teitsma, Teko Powell, Kenny Nelson
Jake Howe, Jarrod Clements, Joe Fotu
The Word: Will be interesting to see how Paul James and Jihad Ward impact this two-deep look come fall camp.

DJ Smoot
D.J. Woods
The Word: Smoot emerged as the team's best pass rusher during spring before an elbow injury kept him out of the spring game. Woods proved himself capable at a position that's waiting on Carroll Phillip's enrollment to help with depth.

Earnest Thomas
Zeph Grimes
The Word: Thomas is back home at his natural position and Grimes is adjusting after moving from linebacker. Eric Finney and James Crawford have talent and potential but spent most of the spring injured.

Mason Monheim, T.J. Neal
Mike Svetina, Ralph Cooper
The Word: Neal asserted himself during the spring in terms of production and leadership. Svetina and Cooper will be useful in the fall.

Eaton Spence, V'Angelo Bentley
Darius Mosely, Caleb Day
The Word: Spence and Bentley are steady starters, with Mosely and Day pushing them as two of the best athletes on the team. Jaylen Dunlap (shoulder surgery) will be back in the mix come August.

Zane Petty, Taylor Barton
Clayton Fejedelem, Jevaris Little
The Word: Petty and Barton held the top spots throughout the spring. Unless somebody moves from corner don't expect anything to change here.

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