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Illinois unveiled their new branding, including uniforms for several sports on Wednesday evening. Lots of Illinois recruits took notice to the new look and shared their thoughts on the rebranding.

Illinois recruits were buzzing about the new look unveiled by Nike this week. Here's what a few of them had to say about the redesign.

Michael Finke | 2014 Basketball Signee

"Those are sick! I like the silver. I like the football ones too. Those are nice."

Mike Dudek | 2014 Football Early-Enrollee

"Those are so raw! Mixing and matching will look really neat"

Dre Brown | 2015 Football Commit

"I love it!! Those orange helmets are sweet!"

Tyrin Stone-Davis | 2014 Football Signee

"I think they are exclusive! I can't wait to be in that #2. The new unis have some swag. The team will play at a high level in every game in these."

Micah Dew-Treadway | 2015 Football Recruit

"I really like the numbers and how they stand out with the white background. Plus the all-white is my favorite uniform because it looks so clean."

Nick Allegretti | 2014 Football Signee

"They look sweet! I'm excited to wear them! Plan on winning a bunch of games in them. Honestly I like the white everything the most."

Jimmy Fitzgerald | 2015 Football Commit

"The new uniforms are legit. I like the all whites for sure. I wonder if they will break out grey ones during the season. The blue ones are cool too."

Julian Hylton | 2014 Football Signee

"I like them all, honestly. But I think the all-white looks clean. Blue with the orange helmet could look cool, too."

David Edwards | 2015 Football Recruit

"Those are dirty. I like the white one the most. The helmet is sweet."

Jayson Tatum | 2016 Basketball Recruit

"I saw the new jerseys. Those are nice. I really like the gray ones."

Quinn Oseland | 2015 Football Recruit

"Those are pretty cool. I really like the all white ones."

Matt Domer | 2014 Football Signee

"I think they are real nice. I'm definitely feeling the all-white ones."

Noah Listermann | 2015 Football Recruit

"Coach Golesh told me a lot about these. I like both the basketball and football the most. My favorite football one is the blue one."

Kentrail Moran | 2016 Football Recruit

"Those are nice. I like the all orange because the new Nike Combat is nice. The all white is sick though, too."

Flynn Nagel | 2015 Football Recruit

"They are sweet. I actually like all of them."

So far, it seems like one of the primary target audiences is digging the re-design. The all-white football jersey is the overwhelming favorite, but still allows for interchangeability.

On the basketball side, the silver seems to bring an interesting alternate to previous looks.

It was said several times that appeal to high school recruits would be an important part of this design. So far, so good.

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