Thomas Breaks Down Visit

Get the latest on Elijah Thomas following his in-home visit from Coach Groce on Wednesday.

Q: - You seem to be very into the fans and fan interaction. Is that a major thing that draws you to a school?

Thomas: Most definitely. Fans, whether they know it or not, they have an impact on your outlook on the school. especially without you visiting, because the fans really show a lot of support. Every recruit wants to go to a school where the fans are just in love with them.

Me: So I'm sure Groce told you about the Orange Krush and the game environment... Because before your visit with Groce you were telling me you wanted to learn more about the environment and how you could fit in with the Illini...

Thomas: Of course. I feel like I would fit in well with the Illini. Everybody is outgoing and so supportive. I'm a goofy kid, and I like to have fun, so I would fit in well with the environment. I just have to take a visit to the school.

Me: And what about the environment on the court? How did you discuss fitting in with the system?

Thomas: Well with the gameplay and the system - even without him telling me today - you can just tell it's a league ready type of school, just because of the way they present themselves, their offense on TV, and what people say in their articles. Everybody talks about Coach Groce's offense, when he was at Ohio, the team wasn't that good, but their offense and defense speaks for itself, and it was an NBA type of program. I think everyone knows my goal is to be a NBA basketball player, so I can see myself fitting into the on the court system, just because its an NBA type of system.

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