Draft Profiles: The Good, The Bad, The What!?

The good, the bad and the just plain strange found in Illini draft profiles.

Illinois hasn't had the desired results on the field as of late, but the program has produced a surprising number of NFL draft picks.

In the past five years, 19 Illini players have heard their name called during the draft, fifth-most in the Big Ten during that span. 11 were taken in the first three rounds.

With the NFL draft kicking off tonight at 7 p.m. CT, the Illini aren't expected to have a player picked. Linebacker Jonathan Brown is the best bet, but he's listed as a probable Round 7 or priority free agent according to his NFL draft profile.

Brown and wide receiver Ryan Lankford are the only two with a profile, a detailed look at players that includes the good, the bad and the what?!?

Jonathan Brown — 6-0, 238, OLB - Projection: 7th Round/Priority free agent

The Good:

"Excellent range — thrives in pursuit."

"Productive tackler who flashes pop on contact."

The Bad:

"Shoddy instincts and eye discipline."

"Does not play a big mans game — skirts blocks instead of taking on with force."

"Alarmingly disappointing at the combine, raising questions about his conditioning and work ethic…"

The What!?!:

"Nice arm length for his size."

"Athletic with good feet."

"Leaky contain game."

"Uneven performance."

"Effectiveness wanes in traffic."

"… Will linebacker who needs to be kept clean to be effective."

Ryan Lankford — 6-0, 163, WR — Projection: Priority free agent

The Good:

"Jets off the line, threats cushion and separates vertically."

"Explosive at the top of his routes."

"Shows the ability to adjust to throws."

"Can turn a short throw into a long gain if he gets a step and a crease."

The Bad:

"Is not built to withstand a pounding and durability could be a concern."

"Vulnerable to jam/re-route."

"Limited run strength."

"Weak blocker."

The What!?!:

"Very short arms and very short hands."

"Fairly straight-linish."

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