Coleman Constantly Improving

For Jalen Coleman, the last year has been full of transition. A new high school, a new AAU team, and a new and improved game have kept him on the move, but he's settling in and playing some of his best basketball yet.

In the past at the Spiece Run N' Slam in Fort Wayne, Jalen Coleman would have been spotted in an Indiana Elite jersey, however this past offseason, Coleman made a switch from the home-state program to Nike EYBL team All-Ohio Red.

"It was a family thing. I basically talked to my parents about it," he said. "I feel like from how I've been playing so far, that it's going well. We've been improving as a team and improving each game."

Coleman admitted that he's still somewhat adjusting to his new teammates, but his recent play suggests that he's hitting his groove and playing at a high level all while helping his team be successful.

"Actually we didn't do so well in our first game, we lost by one point," he said. "But that was our only loss. We ended up beating the Texas Titans and Arkansas Wings. We're getting acclimated together and building up our bond as a team."

But being back at Fort Wayne was just like home for him in some ways. A lot of the people he saw had been gone, but definitely not forgotten.

"It's fun playing in my home state," Coleman said. "I get to see familiar faces of coaches, players from back in the Indiana days."

His AAU team wasn't the only switch he made in the last year, either. Coleman transitioned from Cathedral High School in Indianapolis to La Lumiere Academy in northern Indiana for his junior season. The move worked out for the better for Coleman, who grew both on and off the court.

"Statistically, academically, everything improved throughout the year," he said. "As the year progressed, I improved in my game and I got acclimated with that too."

Coleman hasn't had his focus on recruiting this spring, and it has taken a lot of the burden off of his mind. But for now, he's taking it all in and assessing his situation.

"I can't really say any school is recruiting me especially hard, but recruiting has been stress-free," he said. "I've talked to a lot of coaches, but I'm still analyzing it all right now."

Though he isn't spending much time on recruiting, schools are still spending a lot of time on him. Coleman picked up a couple offers recently, but without any imminent visits planned, he's taking it all in stride.

"Georgia Tech and UNLV offered recently. As far as visits go, I didn't really get a chance to get out and take any visits, but I'd like to get out and see a couple places when I get some free time."

One school that has put in a lot of time with Coleman is Illinois. The Illinois staff is making it clear to Coleman that he's important and valued as a recruit and a person.

"I talk to Coach Groce and Coach Walker all the time. Every time I'm free, they find a way to talk to me," he said. "That shows a lot about how much a coaching staff and a school wants you."

Illinois continues to recruit the point guard position heavily in 2015, but Coleman's skill set, intangibles, and high versatility make him a valuable target for the Illini.

"They want me as a combo guard," he said. "They said I'd probably play both the 1 and 2. Probably similar to how I'm playing now. Come off screens, mix it up."

Without any real visits planned, Coleman hasn't really even thought much about when he wants to make his final commitment. He's not in any rush, though. In the mean time, he's spending his effort and focus on himself and his game.

"I haven't decided that yet. I still need to talk to my family about that still," he said. "For now I'm focused on a few of my short term goals and I'm working on some minor things to get better so I can accomplish more of my goals."

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