In-Depth W/ Jalen Brunson

Get the latest from one of the top 2015 Illini targets inside...

Illini Playbook: And where you are now is pretty big! As your recruitment keeps progressing, you have started to get this buzz as the best point guard in your class. How does that feel?

Jalen Brunson: "It feels the same, because I can't change my mindset as a player, even though a lot of people are ranking me as high as I am. I think that if I keep playing my game and not worry about that, then I won't have to worry about people saying I'm the best point guard or having to worry about my ranking or anything like that. It doesn't matter to me. I want to keep coming out with that same mentality of playing as hard as I can, and the best that I can. All of that other ranking stuff will take care of itself."

IP: Good mindset to have. Is it hard to keep that mindset when you see all the buzz that surrounds you?

JB: I mean, when I started to see that stuff it really made me happy. Then I had the mindset of 'I really have to play like the best point guard in the country for these games,' and then I realized I just need to play like myself, and that's what I've been doing, and how I've kept my status.

IP: And with that tag as 'the best point guard,' what attributes do you feel like you have that are making people give you that title?

JB: Just being able to make smart plays at the right time. Really being able to score the ball, and make players for my teammates and make everybody better. I think if you make players and your teammates better on the court, then you must be a heck of a player just to be able to do that type of stuff. Being able to make my teammates better is the best thing I could probably do.


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