Word Association: Bill Cubit

What's the first word that comes to mind when you hear the name Bill Cubit? The IP Gang gives their take...

Taylor Rooks - Cool

Yea I know, cool sounds very...uncool. But that's what I think of when I think of Cubit. He brings a revitalized offense and a fresh playbook. Lots of new formations and who doesn't love a trick play? More importantly, the players love him. Reilly O'Toole constantly talks about his relationship with Cubit, and how they collaborate with one another. Not to mention this whole George Clooney thing he has going on. Cubit is cool.

Fletcher Page - Identity

Before Cubit showed up, what could Illinois point to? The offense stunk, the defense stunk, the staff was in transition and the future was bleak. Real bleak. Cubit showed up and immediately stabilized seemingly the entire program. The offense scored and was exciting, giving the rest of the staff an angle on the recruiting trail. Is it a coincidence that all three of Illinois' current 2015 commits are offensive players, two of them rated with four-stars? Nope.

Ryan Easterling - Wizard

For Cubit to take what was an absolutely stagnant offense and turn it into a unit that could light up the scoreboard was quite the feat. He took Scheelhaase, who was always considered to be more of a runner than a passer, and found ways for him to get the ball down field. Now with a talented trio of quarterbacks under his tutelage and weapons like Josh Ferguson at his disposal, Cubit can really start to work his magic on another level.

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