Word Association: Reilly O'Toole

What's the first word that comes to mind when you hear the name Reilly O'Toole? The IP Gang gives their take...

Fletcher Page - Glue

I don't think O'Toole can beat Wes Lunt out, and there's nothing wrong with that. Reilly might not be the starter, but he'll still provide plenty and his role in the locker room as a guy everybody likes is important. As far as back-up situations go, Illinois is in good shape with an exciting player like Aaron Bailey and a heads-up senior like O'Toole on the depth chart.

Taylor Rooks - Better

O'Toole really surprised me in the spring game. Coming into the offseason, I thought he was last in the quarterback battle. But he has improved so much. Coming from a season where some Illini fans (and Fletcher) cringed when he came into the game, I wasn't expecting such a good performance. He is embracing the leadership role he has to take on for his team, and playing like he has something to prove. And he does.

Ryan Easterling - Darkhorse

If the spring game was any indication, O'Toole has gotten a lot better under offensive coordinator. O'Toole knows how to win and proved that in high school with two straight state championships his junior and senior year. But for one reason or another, he hasn't landed a consistent starting role. While Lunt is the lead contender for the starting job, O'Toole gave Lunt and everyone else a lot to think about should anyone else get complacent.

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