Word Association: Aaron Bailey

What's the first word that comes to mind when you hear the name Aaron Bailey? The IP Gang gives their take...

Ryan Easterling - Mislabeled

Everyone calls Bailey a runner and gives his arm no respect. While he still needs to work on his touch game, there's no question that he can fire the ball down the field. In high school, his best receiver was his tight end who usually ran routes no more than 15 yards down field. But make no mistake, Bailey can give the pigskin a heave. Improvement in accuracy is a must, but if he gets the hang of it, he could prove a lot of people wrong.

Taylor Rooks - Strong

Strong is probably what comes to most people's mind when they think of Bailey. The kind of quarterback who is great in short yardage situations, and could probably truck over anyone who got in his way. Right now I would have him at the number No. 3 spot on the depth chart, but he works with a lot of the receivers in his free time and genuinely wants to get better. The funny thing about Aaron's scary size is that his personality doesn't match in the slightest. He is arguably the sweetest on the team and definitely the most humble. Bailey is a really great young man. So even though that size may be intimidating, he isn't.

Fletcher Page - Withstand

It's not as if Bailey is living through misery -- he's one of the most athletically gifted players at Illinois and living amid the college years that so many of us look back on fondly. The kid is in a good spot. But... He had to watch a lot as a freshman, used almost entirely as a runner in short-distance situations. Now, he'll likely be watching Wes Lunt for as long as Wes Lunt is at Illinois. I think Bailey has a lot to offer the Illini and will be a starter in the future. He's got to withstand, as he already has, the time between now, not as a starter, and then, when he will be. He'll still get on the field here and there, and knowing him, he'll use every opportunity to get better.

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