Reams Takes In Illinois Camp(us)

Warren Township TE prospect Caleb Reams spent a lot of time with the Illinois coaches this past week. See where the Illini stand with him and how his visit went on Wednesday.

Warren tight end prospect Caleb Reams has seen a lot of Illinois in the past week. On top of his visit to campus on Wednesday, he was at the Illinois satellite camp at Maine South on Saturday evening, despite already holding an offer.

"The main reason was to get a feel for how Coach Golesh coaches and all that," he said. "I have a great understanding of it now. Illinois has tremendous coaching and it's a great place to be. It's one of my top choices and I love it here."

His relationship with Coach Golesh is one that has been growing substantially in recent months. He feels comfortable around him and the line of communication is very much open.

"We talk probably 3-4 times a week on twitter just to see what's up," he said. "We talk on the phone a lot and I call him at least every week. It's a growing relationship and I'm getting to know him as a coach."

One of the biggest selling points about Illinois for Reams, though, is the University of Illinois' academic reputation.

"The education is tremendous there," he said. "My math teacher actually just graduated from Illinois. She loved it there and told me all the inside type of things about it that you don't get to see as a player outside of the school. That helps a lot with the decision. I loved it when I was there. They treat me like family. The school was great."

Reams has two potential courses of study in mind. He knows that one of those two is top-notch at Illinois.

"My two choices are pretty far apart, actually," Reams said. "I either want to go with education so I can be a history teacher and coach in the future, or engineering. Engineering at Illinois is tremendous."

Reams is heavily interested in Illinois, but he is still hearing quite a bit from a handful of other schools, some of which project him to a different position.

"I hear a lot from Wake Forest, which is one of my higher choices," he said. "Western Michigan still keeps in contact with me. Syracuse wants me to play defensive end. To be honest, I don't think defensive end is a very good place for me. If the opportunity presents itself to where I have to play D end, I would do it to my fullest."

On top of academics, Reams is looking for a school with a welcoming social atmosphere.

"Probably the life on campus," he said. "I like to be around people all the time. That will be a factor. I really can't pinpoint any one specific thing. It's all important."

Reams got a chance to spend a lot of his Wednesday on campus at the University of Illinois. Though most students are home for the summer, he still was able to get a good feel for the campus life while he was there and spend time with the coaches and academic staff.

"My visit was tremendous," he said. "Just all around great. We saw campus, had lunch with some coaches, and I got to talk to the head of the Engineering school."

He continued, "I talked football with Coach Golesh all day. It was an all-around great day."

Some expected Reams to potentially commit during the visit, but he said he still has a little while left on his recruitment and that he really appreciated the fact that the Illinois coaches didn't push him to make a pledge.

However Illinois did make a substantial jump in their standing with Reams and sit at or near the top of his list now.

"They didn't pressure me, which I really like a lot," he said. "They did move up on my list. I'm really excited about Illinois and I will definitely be making my decision before the season starts."

A decision is probably coming sometime in the next few weeks for Reams. He has a camp and a couple more visits still to go, but he won't drag the process out too much longer.

"Next I have the Purdue camp and visits to Indiana and Wake Forest," he said. "After that I'll close in on a decision. I'll probably decide before my senior season. I'll definitely have to sit down with my family, and my coach at Warren."

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