Scouting Elite 100: Big Men

While the guard play featured some real talent, the group of forwards and centers at this year's Nike Elite 100 camp in St. Louis was as deep as it's ever been. We break down several of the best big men in this report.

The Nike Elite 100 Camp had a host of great prospects at the wing and post position. Here we take a look at the 2016 prospects that shined at small forward, power forward, and center.

Small Forwards

Willie Jackson (Garfield Heights, OH)

There's a lot to like about Jackson's game. The 6'4" wing has an impressive 6'11" wingspan. The long and rangy small forward plays with a high energy motor that translates across the board to his teammates. Jackson never stops moving on both ends of the floor. He was productive game in and game out because he did the little things great.

First of all, he was probably the best rebounding wing at the camp. Jackson hit the glass both offensively and defensively every single possession. He showed a great ability to get on the offensive glass and finish with dunks and put backs. His second jump is just ridiculous.

Second, he excels is in transition where he shows his elite athleticism as a finisher playing above the rim and finishing with power. Skill wise he is still a bit raw, but has tools that can be refined. His jump shot wasn't consistent, but does shoot it well from the charity stripe. Defensively he is a plus defender with premier quickness and athleticism on the perimeter. Overall Jackson is a team first guy that plays with a ton of energy and will be a vital piece on a winning team in college.

Miles Bridges (Huntington Prep, WV)

The Detroit product has been on the rise all spring with his play on the circuit with The Family. The 6'5" 225 pound rising junior is a physical force on the court. His combination of power, strength, and athleticism makes him an unstoppable force. Bridges' game can be summarized by a sequence he had to end one game early in camp. With his team down by two, Bridges got a contested rebound, went to the other end, drilled a three to take the lead, and then got the stop on defense to close out the win.

The powerful combo forward plays with a high motor and is consistently finishing above the rim. He makes strong moves to the hoop with either hand and likes to use a spin move in the lane. Bridges is a solid passer who can make good decisions when the defense collapses on him. Defensively he is an upper tier defender with the ability to check multiple positions and is a plus rebounder. Bridges is a leader that guys like playing with.

Amir Coffey (Hopkins, MN)

Coffey is a 6'6" forward with a thin and wiry build. He handles it well in the open floor with smooth handles. Coffey did most of his damage in the transition game throughout the week. He likes to pull up from 15-18 feet with his left handed jumper. Coffey also knocked down a few threes.

Jakolby Long (Mustang, OK)

Long is a powerful lefty wing that looks like a football player. He had a couple nice drives, but did most of his damage in the mid-range with a solid jump shot with the release point at about eye level.

Tervell Beck (Cleveland Central Catholic, OH)

Beck is a good sized wing at 6'6" that excelled in transition. He was great running the floor and showed the ability to attack off the dribble while in the half court. Has some upside as he is still a bit raw skill wise.

Power Forwards

Mitch Lightfoot (Gilbert Christian, AZ)

The 6'7" four man from Arizona impressed throughout camp. He is a mobile power forward that is sneakily athletic. Lightfoot displayed a good skill set and the ability to stretch the floor with his shooting. He also did work in the post including an impressive couple of spin moves on the baseline where he finished showing excellent footwork.

The rising junior displayed a good passing feel both on the interior and making a couple great passes in the high/low game. Lightfoot ran the floor finishing with some thunderous dunks. He was a solid rebounder throughout camp that did not back down from anyone. That was evident going up against several bigs who outweighed him by 50+ pounds. He competed defensively and did not back down blocking shots and more than holding his own.

Derek Funderburk (St. Edward, OH)

Funderburk is a 6'8" four man with long arms and a rangy body. He plays with a high energy getting a lot of his points running the floor and finishing well on the offensive glass. The bouncy forward has a crazy second jump off the floor. His quickness around the hoop was evident both rebounding and finishing all week. His offensive moves are still developing, but did show late in the camp that he could step out and knock down a face up jumper with some range. Very intriguing prospect.

Omari Spellman (North Royalton, OH)

Spellman was a favorite of many at Elite 100. There are some positives and negatives about his game. The 6'8" post is a bigger bodied four man that rebounded well throughout camp snatching the rebounds out of the air. Spellman proved to be a plus rebounder especially on the defensive end.

Despite being a bigger post, he showed surprising athleticism. He will definitely have to slim down some during the remaining two years of his high school career to reach his potential. Although Spellman showed he can knock down a three point shot, he went overboard with it instead of mixing it up and scoring on the interior.

Jordan Bruner (Spring Valley, SC)

At 6'7" with a 7'0" wingspan Bruner plays bigger than his height with great length. That length he uses defensively blocking shots and laterally getting in passing lanes. Bruner ran the floor incredibly well and showed some skill hitting the occasional shot. He also rebounded well throughout the week. Bruner will need to continue to add strength to max out his ability.

Dewan Huell (Miami Northland, FL)

Huell has one of the highest upsides of the power forwards at Elite 100. He has a strong and athletic body at 6'9" 214 pounds. He excelled on the offensive end, rebounding with a good second jump and running the floor where he finished in transition.


Udoka Azubuike (The Potter's House Cristian, FL)

Azubuike was a complete beast. The Florida native was a force from the first tip to the very end. He is huge at 6'9" 268 pounds with a 7'5" wingspan. The rising junior is so powerful on the interior dunking literally everything and through anyone. He does a great job of creating space in the paint, getting deep post position, and finishing with ridiculous strength.

He showed a nice drop step where he finished with power. Showing off his athleticism Azubuike got one rebound, dribbled end to end, and finished. He is going to get fouled a lot because of the nature of his game. Luckily for Azubuike his free throw stroke is pretty good. He is a plus plus rebounder that grabs boards with his strong hands and is a force defensively anchoring in the paint.

Marques Bolden (Desoto)

Bolden is a strong and physical center at 6'9" with a 7'4" wingspan. The wide shouldered center knows he is a post player and does his damage in the paint with his back to the basket. He anchors down low and uses power, quickness, and a little finesse to finish through his opponent.

Schnider Herard (Prestonwood Christian, TX)

Herard looks the part at 6'9" 263 pounds with a 7'2" wingspan. He has wide shoulders and a college ready body right now. Herard showed good strength around the hoop rebounding. Overall offensively he lacks skill and is still learning the game.

Al Eichelberger (Saginaw, MI)

Eichelberger has a unique game for sure at 6'6" 229 pounds with a 7'2" wingspan. He is not overly athletic, but is extremely productive finishing inside with craftiness. At times he can shoot too many face up jump shots. Eichelberger is a plus rebounder that has a great feel for getting on the glass.

Rodney Miller (Oak Hill Academy, VA)

The 6'10" 245 pound center has a physical body with long arms. Throughout the camp he proved to be a plus rebounder, especially clearing the glass on the defensive end. He is a little mechanical scoring at this stage in his development.

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