Scouting Fab Frosh: Wings

The amount of talent in the incoming freshman class alone is quite impressive. Here are a few of the next generation at the wing position who put their names on the map at the 2014 Fab Frosh Camp.


SG Cam Reddish (Haverford, PA)

Reddish could end up being the best prospect of this group in four years. His ability to score efficiently really stood out. He plays with a quiet confidence and knows nobody on the floor can check him. Reddish is great when attacking the hoop. He slips through defenders, making them miss on his way to the basket.

His slight frame and quickness in tight spaces make him a tough cover for opponents. One of his more spectacular moves was when he crossed his man, split the defense, and finished with an athletic layup. Reddish shot it well from the perimeter showing pure mechanics. He is a plus rebounder for his position as well. He very much has that prospect look and should be one of the top players in his class.

SF Ladarius Marshall (Forest Hill, MS)

Marshall was one of the most physically impressive prospects at the camp. The 6’6” combo forward is built like and SEC football player. The elite physical and athletic freshman is at his best in transition as a finisher. Marshall was the top dunker at the camp. He had multiple explosive takes where finished at the rim including a few windmills. He is great in transition with his long strides and a never ending motor beating his defender down the floor every time.

Marshall is a highly active rebounder that hit the glass on both ends of the floor, snatching misses out of the air with ferocity. He has potential as a defender too. Marshall showed that potential by swatting several jump shots. His skill work needs to be refined a little, but he has one of the highest ceilings at the camp.

SG Idan Tretout (Bishop Loughlin, NY)

Tretout is a long and rangy wing that was extremely impressive. The New York product is a plus athlete with a tremendous feel for the game. He has a slick handle and is smooth with the ball going through defenders in traffic. For an off guard the 6’2” freshman is an excellent passer and playmaker getting others involved and playing with flare.

Tretout had a few explosive takes to the hoop where he finished with highlight dunks, using quick bounce off the floor. His jumper needs to be refined a little mechanically, but he did hit threes at a nice clip during camp.

SG Prentiss Hubb (Gonzaga, MD)

This left handed combo guard is like Tretout in many ways. Hubb and Tretout worked well together all weekend in the same backcourt. Hubb has a projectable body with good length which makes him a factor on the defensive end. As an offensive player Hubb is excellent in transition both pushing it with the rock in his hands with great speed and as a finisher. He had a couple impressive transition jams. Hubb showed range on his shot stretching it out to well beyond the arc.

SG Dwayne Cohill Jr (Holy Name, OH)

Cohill is a rangy guard that displayed a lot of potential. He is best when breaking his man down off the bounce with plus handles and speed. Cohill is quick in tight spaces and accelerates quickly once he gets going. Defensively he has potential to be a plus perimeter defender. Overall he is a guard with upside.

SG Javonte Smart (Scottlandville Magnet, LA)

Smart is a 6’3” strong and athletic wing. He has a projectable body and is super bouncy. The Louisiana native is at his best slashing to the basket and attacking off the dribble. He also showed throughout camp that he can do more than just get to the rim as he drilled several threes from both the corner and wing. Smart is a plus passer that makes intelligent basketball plays. He has the potential to become an elite defender with his physical tools and mindset.

SF Gavin Schoenwald (Brentwood Academy, TN)

Schoenwald was extremely impressive in Atlanta. The 6’5” wing is a big time shooter with size. This Tennessee native has a quick release and is a plus shooter off the catch, cut, and pulling up. His jumper goes down from both three and mid-range.

Schoenwald moves well away from the ball to get open and set up his shot. He has a strong upper body, is a solid athlete, and has a high skill level. The wing is tough and is a team first guy. Rebounding is another area in which he excels as he crashes the glass hard on both ends of the floor.

SG Cordell Littlejohn (South Carolina)

Littlejohn is a supremely tough shooting guard with a wiry strong build. He handles the ball well through traffic and gets to the free throw line at a good rate. The rising freshman is a plus shooter from both beyond the arc and in the pull up game.

SG Jaedon Lee (Texas)

Lee is a big guard that has all the makings of a potential star. He has great size and length for any of the perimeter positions. His projected position on the perimeter isn't really defined as he has skills for each spot. Lee is explosive attacking the basket and has a plus mid-range jump shot. Definitely has significant upside.

SG Isaiah Mucius (Fessenden School, NY)

Mucius has a long and wiry frame and a world of potential with a projectable body. He is a plus athlete that looks the part and has upside. The wing is a good passer that makes plays with flare. His jump shot showed potential, but lacked consistency from game to game.

He has a lot of arc on his jumper and good form so it should be a weapon as his career progresses. Mucius moves well without the ball and was quick curling off screens.

SG Coulter Dotson (Tennessee)

Shooters with size are always intriguing. Dotson has the size at 6’5” and is effective in the catch and shoot. At times he took a few forced shots, but he has great confidence in knocking down jumpers. He also did a solid job in transition filling the lanes.

SG Monty Johal (Missouri)

Johal is a smooth combo guard that is creative with the ball. He has long arms and a projectable body. The Missouri native excels in transition and in the open floor. Johal is a solid shooter and works well in the pick and roll.

SG KeAndre Graves (Ohio)

The 6’1” guard does the little things well. He is tough around the hoop as a scorer and a good distributer. Graves also rebounds well for his position.

SG Tony Johnson (Alabama)

Johnson is a powerful guard that is strong getting to the basket and scoring in the paint. He gets in the lane with ease by using power, speed, and hesitation.

SG Tyler Aronson (Rivers School, MA)

Aronson was one of the best shooters at the camp. The 6’1” shooting guard is an elite catch and shoot guy with a quick release and consistent accuracy. He knocked them down from the corners, wings, and top of the key.

SF Isaiah Kelly (Augusta Christian, GA)

Kelly is a big wing at 6’5” that is smooth with the ball in the open floor. He can really handle it and has considerable upside.

SF Michael Barber (Mississippi)

At 6’5” Barber has long arms and a prototype small forward body. He is a big time slasher that excels in transition and is smooth running the floor.

SG Fred Thatch Jr (Sikeston, MO)

This big bodied and powerful 6’2” guard is a scorer. He powers his way to the basket and excels at scoring at the rim with his strength.

SF Brandon Thomas (Locust Grove, GA)

Thomas is a slick wing with long arms and good strength. The freshman looks the part and has upside as a prospect. He has a smooth handle attacking the rim and gets to the free throw line.

SF Emmanuel Little (Alabama)

This 6’6” small forward is especially bouncy around the hoop. He is best in an up and down game as he is elite running the floor and a great finisher. The small forward is a bit raw offensively, but his combination of size, athleticism, and upside make him a projectable prospect down the road.

SF Kaleb Overall (Liberty, MO)

Overall is a 6’3” small forward that is a plus perimeter shooter that looks to score. He is also good as a finisher in transition.

SG Justin Boyd (Whitney Young, IL)

Boyd is a super athlete that runs the floor hard and plays with a motor. As camp went along his jumper heated up, especially from three point range. Boyd should be a good defender at 6’2” being able to check multiple positions.

SG Talen Horton-Tucker (Simeon, IL)

Horton-Tucker struggled with injuries throughout the camp, but this big bodied guard showed some tools to work with. He is a solid perimeter shooter that can get his shot off with ease. The 6’0” guard is also a good rebounder for his position.

SG Torrence Watson (Whitfield, MO)

Watson has great size and length at 6’3”. That combined with his ability to shoot make him intriguing. He proved to be a plus shooter knocking down threes throughout camp. Overall he is sound with the ball making good decisions and playing with pace. For an off guard, he is a good passer.

SF Khavon Moore (Westside, GA)

This 6’7” small forward is all upside. He runs the floor and is smooth handling it in the open floor.

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