Sharma Focusing on a Few

Northfield Mount Hermon's Josh Sharma is one of the most athletic big men in the country. We caught up with him recently to see where his recruitment stands and get the latest who all he's seen this spring.

For Northfield Mt. Hermon's Josh Sharma, the recent Adidas Unrivaled camp in Chicago was a real litmus test for where he's at. The opportunity to play against some of the best at his position is always something he looks forward to.

"I've been to some of the other camps like Adidas Nations," he said. "It's a similar environment, but it's been a great event. I get to play against some of the top talent and some of the top big men in the country."

The last couple of years for Sharma have been about learning to use his assets to his advantage. A superbly athletic big man who stands at 6'10" tall, Sharma can use his bounce and stride in ways his opponents can't.

"I think I've become more confident in my abilities," he said. "A year or two ago I was a little uncertain of myself, and I wasn't as aggressive. I've become more aggressive on the defensive end and have become a better rebounder."

Sharma has shown improvement in his face-up game, but he himself even acknowledged that he needs to become more diverse with his post moves and play in the interior.

"I know I need to work more on my post game," Sharma said. "A lot of the guys I played (at Adidas Unrivaled) already have a pretty nice post game. I also just want to get stronger."

However, Sharma does know that his athletic ability is an advantage over slower and more traditional big men. His second jump is quick and he elevates well.

"I think I run the floor very well for my size," he said. "I use my athleticism on the defensive end to block shots. That's definitely one of my strengths."

At the next level, Sharma will no doubt be coached on his post play, but naturally, he feels like he knows what system he might fit into best.

"I think an offense that's more uptempo fits my skill set," he said. "I'm more athletic than some of the bigs so I can get up and down the floor quickly and play with a fast paced team."

While several schools are in the mix, Sharma noted three schools in specific that are recruiting him the hardest right now.

"Illinois has been recruiting me hard," he said. "Wisconsin has been recruiting me hard since I took my official in January. Boston College is right there too."

Sharma has plans to see some schools one last time early this fall prior to making his decision, but he doesn't want the process to drag out.

"Right now I'm going to wait until the fall to finish up my visits," he said. "I want to get them done as soon as I can once school starts. I'll probably try to make my final decision right after that. Hopefully I can sign during the early signing period."

He listed a few different factors that will play into his final decision.

"Play style and playing time will factor in," Sharma said. "The coaches and the players they have now are important. That and the feel you get when you visit a school. Academics, too, of course."

The relationship with the Illinois staff is one that has grown stronger over the last few months, especially with assistant coach Dustin Ford.

"I talk to Coach Ford a lot and I definitely like their coaching staff there," Sharma noted. "I feel really comfortable with them."

Two other staffs with which Sharma has a strong relationship also stand out to him.

"With Wisconsin and BC, I know BC really well because I live close and have been there a few times," he said. "I talk to Wisconsin a lot, too."

All three of the schools he specifically listed had either assistants or head coaches present to watch him play in Chicago. Having that sort of attention from a potential school means a lot to him.

"It's great when the school is recruiting you and comes to see you," he said. "especially when it's in the first couple days of the live period. It proves they really want you."

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