Sharma continues progression

The Peach State Summer Showcase provided yet another forum for Josh Sharma to introduce or reinforce his talent. He delivered handsomely and now is prepped for a strong close to the month and intense fall recruitment.

Josh Sharma's recruitment appears to be gaining steam. His Mass Rivals squad competed at the Peach State Showcase last week and weekend, and for the first time since April he was able to perform at a team event in front of college coaches.

Sharma played very well during my time watching him, albeit against inferior competition. Still, just watching him run the court — perhaps his most striking attribute — illustrates that he's a very gifted athlete for 6-11. Not only is Sharma fast end to end, he slides his feet fairly well, too.

Additionally, he possesses tight hand-eye coordination and is a fluid scorer around the rim and facing the basket. A desperate lack of strength highlights his areas to improve, and from a physical standpoint he may be a couple years away from being ready to start for a major program.

But once he achieves a manageable playing weight, Sharma's speed and skill level should enable him to shine. Coaches recognize it, too, and his recruitment reflects a combination of athletic and academic prowess.

"Wisconsin, Boston College, Virginia, Stanford and California are some of my major schools," Sharma said. "I took an official to Wisconsin in early January, and Virginia might be on me the hardest."

He expanded on his interest from the Cavaliers.

"Virginia seems pretty interested," Sharma said. "They haven't offered yet, but I've talked to Coach Bennett and really liked that."

As for the Cardinal, Sharma said that his initial ACT score was suitable to garner a scholarship offer, but he has yet to undertake the writing portion of the exam and must do so to fully initiate the process by which Stanford obtains permission internally to offer a prospect a scholarship.

"I'm going to get through the summer and set up some officials for the early fall," he said. "I'm not sure if I'll take all four (Wisconsin was first of a possible five), but I'd like to take a few and decide after that. "

Sharma currently ranks No. 91 in the country and is likely to rise in our fall rankings. He and Mass Rivals will attend the Super 64 this week in Las Vegas.

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