Ready for Some Football?

Training camp opens Monday for the Fighting Illini, who will be divided into two groups for the first few days.

Football is back.

Illinois football camp opens Monday, with the team divided into two groups, Orange and Blue.

Below is the week one schedule, which is closed to the public.

Monday, August 4th:
Practice 1A (Orange) -- 4PM
Practice 1B (Blue) -- 8PM

Tuesday, August 5th:
Practice 2A (Blue) -- 4PM
Practice 2B (Orange) -- 8PM

Wednesday, August 6th:
Practice 3A (Orange) -- 4PM
Practice 3B (Blue) -- 8PM

Thursday, August 7th:
Practice 4A (Blue) -- 4PM
Practice 4B (Orange) -- 8PM

Friday, August 8th:
Practice 5 -- 6:15 PM

Saturday, August 9th:
Practice 6 -- 8AM
Practice 7 -- 7PM

Sunday, August 10th:
Media Day -- 1:30 PM
Fan Appreciation Day -- 4-5PM

After week one, the Illini move to Camp Rantoul just north of Champaign for a week of practice that is open to the public. Those times are also noted below.

Monday, August 11th:
Practice 8 -- 9AM
Practice 9 -- 5:30PM

Tuesday, August 12th:
Practice 10 -- 4:15 PM

Wednesday, August 13th:
Practice 11 -- 9AM
Practice 12 -- 4:15 PM

Thursday, August 14th:
Practice 13 -- 4:15 PM

Friday, August 15th:
Practice 14 -- 9AM
Practice 15 -- 4:15 PM

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