Laney DT Talks Recruiting, Offseason

Football coaches are always search for an interior defensive lineman who can collapse the pocket and provide pressure on the quarterback right up the middle. Laney DT Anthony Fotu (6-4, 290) fits that description to a tee and after a solid freshman season, the talented lineman has four offers and many more schools eyeing his talents...

"I have offers from Maryland, Miami, Illinois and Ole Miss," Fotu told recently. "They all came in during the spring when coaches could come by and see me and meet with my coaches.

"I've been talking a lot with California, USC, TCU, Mississippi State and a couple of other schools and I think they might be close, but I think they wanted to see how I progressed this season and then they will probably come after me harder once they see how I've improved."

As a freshman in 2013, Fotu was a force inside for Laney, totaling 27 tackles, four sacks, 10 tackles for loss to go along with an interception.

"I'm really good at rushing the quarterback," Fotu noted. "That's one thing I've taken a lot of pride in. I just love to hit the quarterback.

"The thing is, for a guy my size, I have an explosive get off and that really gives me an advantage against the offensive linemen I face every day in practice and during games."

One thing Fotu attributes his football skills to is rugby, a sport he's been playing for several years.

"Rugby is great because it teaches you angles and leverage and it's also really physical, so you'd better bring it all the time," Fotu said.

As a prep at San Leandro (Ca.) High School, Fotu was a prospect that drew a lot of attention from four-year schools, but he was unable to qualify academically for a scholarship, so he decided to head to Laney.

"I really liked the staff here and it was pretty close to home," Fotu noted. "They liked me a lot and showed me they wanted me and they made me feel like I was part of the family already, so it just felt comfortable and like it was the right place to be."

Fotu is on pace to finish up his two-year degree in December and he will have three years to play two following the 2014 football season.

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