Jones An Illini Target

One of the top Chicago Public League athletes, Phillips junior linebacker Amani Jones talks about his recruitment, his offseason and what running track is bringing to his game.

Sunday was just another big day for Chicago Phillips linebacker Amani Jones -- who started off the morning by competing in the Chicago Public League indoor track championships and finished up up the afternoon competing in the Top Gun 7v7 tournament in Barrington.

"My day has been crazy, I have been working on time management today. It has been really good, but I just was driving to and from one thing to another. We had a great day just getting better as a team, and now we are ready for outdoor. That's when Phillips is starting to shine."

The oval has helped Jones make a few intreating discoveries about his own athletic talents.

"I learn that I am pretty good at things that I might not have expected, like track," Jones said.

Track provides valuable experience to Jones -- who knows that the more competitive he is, the better at the linebacker slot. Sunday, Jones helped his 4x200 team to a close second place finish, which just provided extra motivation for the next meet.

"It helps me with competition and knowing how to feel when everything comes to you. Now on the football field, when I know I have to cover someone or I have to stick this person I have to beat them every time. It takes that mentality just to win, and that transfers from the field to the track."

Jones is one of the top Chicago area targets for Illinois and has held an offer from the Illini for quite some time. Plus, has been down to visit Champaign several times.

"I like that I have the opportunity to join the team with everything I saw," Jones said."My favorite part of the recruiting process is that I have people looking at me to join their team."

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