Cubit on imminent investigation results: 'I don't think about it'

UI chancellor Barbara Wilson expects final report on football abuse investigation "in next few weeks"

CHAMPAIGN - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign interim chancellor Barbara Wilson told The (Champaign, Ill.) News-Gazette recently that she expects the final report on the investigation into Illinois football abuse allegations "in the next few weeks."

Preliminary findings from that report -- spurred by former Illinois offensive tackle Simon Cvijanovic's claims of abuse and medical misconduct, which started with a Twitter rant in May -- prompted Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas to dismiss head football coach Tim Beckman just a week before the season opener.

But Beckman's firing brought about more questions than answers. Why was Beckman fired? Was there a smoking gun or was it based on Cvijanvoic's public claims, other players' claims or other findings?  Were Illini assistants, including interim head coach Bill Cubit implicated?

The results, expected before the football season concludes, should provide more clarity to the ordeal. But also could provide more adversity for the Illini players and coaches.

"I don't think about it," Cubit said. "But I can't tell you anybody else, what they're thinking about. When it comes out, everybody addresses that part. It's just another thing down the line. It's all about challenges.

"I think this team here, they've probably gone through as much as anybody in this country with everything that's gone through here. It's just another thing. You've almost become immune to it. 'OK, fine. That comes out. Move on.' That's the way it is. That's why you've got to love these kids. They could have folded. They could've just bagged it. They could've questioned things. They didn't do any of that. That's why you want to work as hard for those kids and go on the Quad, go all over the place and drum up business to get people to get here (for games)."

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