College Officiating Consortium acknowledges officiating 'errors' in Illinois-Nebraska game

College Officiating Consortium calls errors during Illinois-Nebraska game a 'breakdown of officiating mechanics'

Here is the press released from the Big Ten Conference:

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Collegiate Officiating Consortium Coordinator of Officials Bill Carollo acknowledged a breakdown of officiating mechanics in regards to down and distance during the first series of the third quarter in the Nebraska at Illinois football game on Saturday, Oct. 3.                                                

While officials on the field are responsible for the correct down, distance and oversight of the chain crew, it is also the responsibility of the replay officials to monitor the game administration and correct the number of a down and distance if inaccurate.  If properly officiated, the Illinois football team would have had an additional down.

All officials in the Collegiate Officiating Consortium are graded and evaluated on every call of every game of the season.  Errors of this nature have a significant impact on game assignments, bowl assignments and overall year end status.

The Collegiate Officiating Consortium consists of the Big Ten, Mid-American and Missouri Valley Conferences. The consortium considers this matter concluded and will have no further comment.


Illini interim coach Bill Cubit commented on the officiating snafu on Monday.

“They got a hard job, they really do, especially with the speed of the game," Cubit said. "I think the Big Ten officiating is outstanding, and I really like Bill Carollo, the supervisor. If I need an explanation, he’s always there. He calls you right back. We all make mistakes. I sure made my few there."

Cubit called Carollo on Sunday to discuss the issues.

“I just got to find out myself," Cubit said, "that I’m giving our kids the best shot. But … moving on.”

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