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Parchman Confirming Decision

Juwuane Parchman, a 2016 athlete from Rockford (IL) Auburn, was the first to commit to Illinois in the 2016 class, but has recently taken visits elsewhere. So, is his commitment going to hold up?

Juwuane Parchman was the first commitment to the Illini in the class of 2016, but recently, he has taken visits to other schools, including a visit to Wisconsin this past weekend.

So how solid is his commitment to Illinois right now?

"Right now my commitment still stands," Parchman said.  "Illinois is still a place I want to be.  I've visited other colleges.  It's a different experience, but I'm looking forward to visiting other colleges.  As of now, though, my commitment to (Illinois) is still strong."

Parchman said that the purpose of the visits is to see some of the other schools he didn't get a chance to see before making his decision, not necessarily to explore other options, but rather to be sure he made the right choice when he committed nearly a year ago.

"That's exactly what I want to do," he said.  "I'm getting out and seeing other colleges so I can compare them to Illinois and make sure Illinois is the place I want to be."

Parchman is a talented two-way player for the Knights of Rockford Auburn HS.  While most list him as a safety prospect, he is also a talented wide receiver and kick returner.

"To be honest, it doesn't matter what side of the ball I play on," he said.  "Offense is my primary side, but I love to play defense also.  If i have to play that in college, then that's what I'll play."

Playing both ways, Parchman said he has grown in his skills equally on offense and defense.  But more importantly, he has also become far better conditioned since he rarely comes off the field.

"I don't think I've grown more on one side of the ball more than another," he said.  "My conditioning is important.  You have to have a lot of stamina as a two-way player."

So with other schools trying to get in the mix with Parchman, does Illinois have to do anything in addition to what they've already done in recruiting him in order to keep him in the fold?

"Everything that I have planned is what Illinois has done for me," Parchman said.  "I don't think they really have to do anything more than they've already done for me to stay committed."

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