Illini hoops Halloween survey

Lead basketball reporter Derek Piper surveyed Illini hoopers Aaron Jordan, Jalen Coleman-Lands, Malcolm Hill and Mike LaTulip on Halloween costumes, scary movies and more.

You're a character in a scary movie. What teammate do you want with you to help you escape?

Mike LaTulip: If I'm looking for brute force, then I'd go with Mike Thorne. But if I'm thinking about strategy and who can help me get out, I'd probably go with Mav.

Malcolm Hill: I'd probably go with LaTulip just because he's smart and he could help us get out of tough situations.

Jalen Coleman-Lands: Big Mike.

Aaron Jordan: I'll go with LaTulip. He's smart and that's probably the best kind of person to have in a time like that.

Which teammate would be freaking out the most?

LaTulip: Probably Aaron Jordan.

Hill: I'd say Leron. He'd be losing his mind.

Coleman-Lands: Probably A.J.

Jordan: Probably Leron. He'd be freaking out pretty bad.

What scares you more: ghosts or clowns?

LaTulip: I'm gonna have to go with clowns.

Hill: I'd say clowns. I had a bad experience when I was younger and haven't liked them since.

Coleman-Lands: Clowns.

Jordan: Oh, it's definitely clowns.

Scariest Halloween costume for Mike Thorne: 6-foot-11 Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger or clown?

LaTulip: Mike is already a clown so I won't go with that one. But Freddy Krueger would be pretty scary.

Hill: I'd say clown. I know I wouldn't want to see him.

Coleman-Lands: I'd say clown. That's a big clown.

Jordan: A clown.

If Leron Black was trapped in a haunted house, who would be more scared: Him or the monsters inside?

LaTulip: The other people, definitely.

Hill: I guess I'll say the monsters inside because Leron is pretty ugly.

Coleman-Lands: Probably him. Don't see him doing too well in there.

Jordan: I'd say the monsters inside because at some point, Leron would probably want to fight them.

If John Groce were to dress up for Halloween, who would he be?

LaTulip: Wasn't Freddy Krueger bald? Well, then that's what I'm going with.

Hill: That's a good one. I'm not sure.

Coleman-Lands: Freddy Krueger.

Jordan: Probably Jon Gordon.

Favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

LaTulip: I would say your basic Scream mask. I wore that a couple years in a row, and not even on Halloween. Just wearing it around the house.

Coleman-Lands: I'll go with one of the classics and say Jason.

Jordan: Power Ranger.

More likely to pass as a regular trick-or-treater: Jaylon Tate or Mike LaTulip?

LaTulip: I'd probably go with me. I look like just about any other regular kid on this campus.

Hill: I'm gonna go with Jaylon. I feel like he'd be someone to take it really seriously. Like he would sound all excited going up to houses and saying 'trick-or-treat'. So he'd be more into it than Mike would.

Coleman-Lands: Probably LaTulip.

Jordan: LaTulip.

If Paris Parham is watching a scary movie at his house: Is he going to laugh, hide under a blanket, fall asleep or peek through the blinds?

LaTulip: He'd fall asleep.

Hill: He'd probably fall asleep.

Coleman-Lands: He'd fall asleep for sure.

Jordan: He'd be hiding under a blanket.

Who is most likely to hide in the yard and scare kids? Vegas has Maverick Morgan as the favorite.

LaTulip: It's hard to argue with Vegas, but I'd probably say Leron.

Hill: Yeah, Mav is a good pick.

Coleman-Lands: Definitely Mav.

Jordan: Oh yeah, Mav would do something like that.

As a duo, is this a good costume idea or bad costume idea? D.J. Williams as Will Smith and Aaron Jordan as Carlton?

LaTulip: That's probably a good one, especially with D.J. as Will with his hair.

Hill: Who came up with that? That's definitely a good one.

Coleman-Lands: I like D.J. as Will.

Jordan: That's a pretty good one.

What do you see Michael Finke doing on Halloween?

LaTulip: He'd probably be Drake. Find some way to serenade some girls.

Hill: He'd probably be working at a haunted house. I mean, his brothers are doing that so I could definitely see him doing the same.

Coleman-Lands: (Agreeing with LaTulip) Oh definitely. That's his role model.

Jordan: I'm going to have to agree with Mike. He'd probably try to be Drake.

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