Illini Recruiting Lounge - May 12

Illini Inquirer publisher Jeremy Werner provides some nuggets on Illini football recruiting.

The Illini Recruiting Lounge is a new feature for We're not sure yet how often the piece will appear. Hopefully, we get to the point where it's once a week. We'll play it by ear until then.

This staff works really hard to provide as much information as possible to you diehard Illini fans to basically give you as close of an "inside look" as possible into Illini football and basketball recruiting. Basically, we want you to feel like you're right there, "in the recruiting lounge" per se.

We hope this feature gives an even closer look into the Illini worlds of recruiting.

More details of what's inside this edition Illini Recruiting Lounge:

    • The "A" and "B" list of recruits.
    • The importance of upcoming Illini camps for recruits and the UI coaching staff.
    • There are a few in-state prospects who have caught the Illini's eyes and could make a bigger impression at camps.
    • Garrick McGee is looking for a few running backs, and the Illini have tried to make an initial impression on a few out-of-staters.
    • Hardy Nickerson has been parked on the West Coast. Can the Illini create a California pipeline?
    • Plus plenty more!


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