All eyes on Jordan Goodwin

Lead basketball reporter Derek Piper gives the latest buzz surrounding Jordan Goodwin.

Four-star wing Jordan Goodwin has all eyes on him, but the ears pointed in his direction have picked up nothing but silence.

Goodwin has gone into stealth mode since the end of the AAU season. St. Louis Eagles head coach Corey Frazier told on Wednesday that Goodwin has not talked to any coaches over the last two weeks.

But the talk on the outside has run rampant. One thing has become clear: This is a battle between Illinois and SLU, despite there being seven teams on the list Goodwin released on July 26.

Goodwin called Illinois his leader last summer. The Illini have his good friend Jeremiah Tilmon committed in this class, and that made Goodwin seem like a slam dunk. But SLU buzz has picked up in hurry, and some have called them the leader now.

What should you believe? What's happening next?

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