Scouting 2019 ATH Jacardia Wright

2019 ATH Jacardia Wright shows why he's a guy to keep an eye on in the 2019 class in these highlights. We break down the tape of the up-and-coming prospect here.

Scouting Report

Jacardia Wright only played two quarters in this game, but he was a big reason he only played two quarters in this game.  Wright helped the Bulldogs amass a 56-0 lead at half, and didn't see any action in the second half.

Playing at running back and linebacker, Wright impacted the game both directly and indirectly.  With the ball in his hands, he was a big play waiting to happen, and hit a few of those in this contest.

Defensively, he clearly altered Clinton's gameplan as they consistently ran plays away from his side of the field. Wright has been lining up at linebacker instead of safety to minimize the likelihood of any injury related to a big hit, but was able to flash his coverage skills from time to time when lining up against the slot receiver.

But Wright looked his best on offense.  His combination of speed, strength, balance, and vision are unique for a player his age.  The competition has to be considered in a case like this, but Wright would more than likely hold his own against stronger opponents.  

He showed his ability to find the running lanes, plant his foot, cut hard, and burst to open space on several of his runs.  He's also not afraid of contact and actually told us after the game that he enjoys trucking players.  He's tough to tackle with just an arm tackle, and keeps his feet moving, which many young backs struggle to do.  

He may not have elite track speed, but he's fast enough to pull away from most defenders at his level and can maintain that extra gear until he crosses the goal line, which he did plenty of times on Friday.

He wasn't used heavily in the passing game, but did have a couple of nice catches out of the backfield on flares in the flat.  We would like to see how much of a threat he can be in the downfield passing game, but was too much of a threat in the running game to worry about that in this one.

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