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Signing Day Spotlight: Javon Pickett

Illini Inquirer's breakdown of 2017 breakdown of Javon Pickett.


Scouting Report: Pickett is an underrated wing with a smooth and versatile game. At 6-foot-4, Pickett looks like he glides out on the court. He isn't overly athletic but he can move and he has some bounce. He can get to the basket off the dribble. His mid-range game continues to improve. He rebounds well for a perimeter player. He has the ability to be a good defender too. Overall, he has been a pretty darn good scorer at the high school level when he's the man. But that role will quickly change at the next level. He'll have to get used to picking his spots. He needs to get a lot stronger as well.

First-year Impact: It's going to take some time for Pickett to translate from the high school level to the Big Ten. If Illinois has the depth -- with others rising to the occasion -- Pickett could be a candidate to redshirt. If not, expect him to play sparsely off the bench. He'll focus in quite a bit on developing in the weight room, while adapting to the college game.

Ceiling: Big Ten starter with overseas career. Overnight explosion is not the expectation here. Pickett is a solid Big Ten get, and he can be a pretty good player at the collegiate level before it's all said and done. His versatility will make him a player that coaches want on the floor. It's really going to take physical development and an adaptation to playing top-level competition day in and day out. But Pickett has the tools, toughness and work ethic to get it done.

Reminds Me Of: Austin Hollins. A solid Big Ten role player, who will continue to improve and can do different things out on the court. Hollins averaged 12.4 points, five rebounds, 2.4 assists and two steals per game as a senior at Minnesota. Pickett can provide a similar impact at the next level as he develops. He is smooth. He has a good mid-range game, and his stroke will continue to become more consistent. Hollins had the ability to get hot offensively, especially from the outside. Pickett hasn't shown a big-time outside game, but he can put the ball in the hoop -- among other things. He will do that in college, and he will have an opportunity to play overseas after that.

Werner’s narrative: The forgotten man in this class was the one who started it all. Javon Pickett is overlooked in this class. He's overlooked in this state. Heck, he's even overlooked in his hometown of Belleville, where Mr. Basketball favorite and SLU signee Jordan Goodwin gets most of the attention and headlines. Pickett might not have star athleticism, but he is a savvy, skilled player who fills up the box score in high school. The inevitable comparison is to fellow Belleville East wing Malcolm Hill. With Goodwin spurning Illinois, Pickett becomes an even more important recruit to help fill a future need for wing scorers.

Quote: “I figured I'd be the one to make the jump and be able to bring in some more great players. We can build a great thing there with my class. It can be great. I think this class can take us far."

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