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<p>Ron Turner with the guys in Chicago. As Illini-Nation reported on Wednesday Chis Pazan will get the start today.

Q: Hello, Coach.

A: How are you guys doing?

Q: We're O.K. How are you more importantly? We're the same everyday.

A.: I try to be the same everyday too; just gotta keep going. Obviously not happy with where we are right now. Have to try and do things the same and try to get better.

Q: There was a comment you made after the loss the other day when you said we seem to lose confidence quickly. Why do you guys lose confidence quickly?

A: Well, that's a great question. We are trying to find the answer and solve it. I think a lot of it has to do without having success. Earlier in the year our guys had confidence and when it came time to make close plays to win, and we had some, we didn't do it. When you work as hard as we work, at some point you have to see some results, and we haven seen those successful results this year.

Q: Let me ask you this - the media cornered Ron Guenther after the game Saturday. Did the vote of confidence mean anything to you Ron, or is it something you knew was going on and you weren't really worried about it and that's just media stuff?

A: That's natural stuff when you're sitting where we are and that's going to happen. You can't worry about that stuff. I have a great relationship with Ron Guenther; he's supportive. I think he understands what we're doing and we're doing it right, and that's all we're going to do, and that's what we think is right. Right now we are trying to weather a terrible storm and we have to fight our way out of it.

Q: You say that he understands. What's been the extent of your conversation with him; have you received any guarantees from him about future employment?

A: No, I haven't. It really hasn't come up. He talks about being the same; he comes in every Sunday morning. We talk about the game. He's been doing that the entire time I've been here. We sit for a half an hour; we talk about the game and what's going on. Sometimes I will talk to him during the week - maybe for ten minutes at the most and we go on. Not much different than any other time. A: We're just trying to get better. I'm still excited about these guys and about this team; it hasn't worked out the way we want it. No one's happy about it - including the players. But we are going to work our way out of it. We have a lot of good young football players on this team, which we have to make sure they maintain the right attitude and understand this is just temporary.

Q: An e-mail question for coach Turner - Name specific areas where the team has improved?

A: Sure. The offensive line we have a couple new starters in there. We have some young guys trying to mesh. Running back wise, I think we improved on. Our receivers have improved some, but I'd like to see some bigger strides right there. Defensively, we have, I think, LB and safety. I think it's tough up front. We have been beat up so bad, even the guys that are playing are banged up. I'm not trying to make excuses; that's where we are. We've got some guys out and we have some guys playing hurt. We have not make the improvements there like we'd like. Corners is the same thing - guys are making some improvement. We are so thin there, it's tough to show improvement. I think our special teams have gotten a lot better; I think early in the year special teams hurt us.

Q: Ron, when you talk about being in a storm and this adversity if there are players that are young players going to be apart of this, how closely do you monitor their body language, their approach in practice, and use this to find out what these kids are made of?

A: We watch that very closely. We have a great group of young kids. We have a great group of kids; it's the best young class I've been around. We have some good offensive lineman and good defensive players, and some great skill guys. The class before these guys was pretty good. We had back-to-back good years. These guys are going to be our future so we have to make sure we keep those guys going and they don't get down.

Q: How do you keep the kids confidence, particularly the Michigan game. How do you prepare them for this?

A: We have to get better and play as hard as we can. Hopefully something good will happen. And we need something to give us a spark, offensively and defensively.

Q: Caller question about the QB situation - Will Brasic get a chance to step in the huddle?

A: In time. He needs to get a little stronger. With Tim we are excited about him; he's going to have a great future.

Q: What's the relationship like with JB right now and his confidence? It seems to up and down with him a little.

A: We have a good relationship. He knows we have a lot of confidence in him with the way we call things.

Good luck on Saturday.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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