One on One with Warren Carter

<p>Illinois "big man" Warren Carter took the time to do a one-on-one interview with Illini-Nation.Com and tells the fans what to look for when you see him play this season.

Kedric: Warren, what are your thoughts on the first day of practice?

Warren: I've been anticipating this for a long, long time. Since I was a little kid I dreamed of the day I could play Division I basketball.

Kedric: How are you adjusting to being so far away from home?

Warren: It's going real good. I thought the transition would be a lot harder, but hanging out with the fellas makes it a lot easier.

Kedric: You were recruited by former Illini coach Bill Self. What are your thoughts on Bruce Weber?

Warren: Well, I've never played for coach Self so I really don't miss anything. Coach Weber is a great guy; he accepted me with open arms here at Illinois.

Kedric: Warren, there has been speculation about you red-shirting this year, is that a possibility?

Warren: Coach Weber has never mentioned that to me at all, and right now the way things are going I don't think they plan to.

Kedric: Why did you come to Illinois?

Warren: I can remember watching them on TV a lot and liked their style of play. People think the Big Ten is physical, which it is, but they get out and run a lot too.

Kedric: Warren, when you play with these guys what is the biggest difference you notice with them?

Warren: Oh, my goodness - the speed and strength without a doubt. Every one here at Illinois is either fast or strong. I kind of prepared myself for this season by lifting weights very hard.

Kedric: Warren, this is your first year in college basketball. Illinois is considered one of the top 15 teams in the country. Does that make you nervous?

Warren: No, not at all. That's why I came to Illinois - because we are good and I really got along well with the players here. It's like a family.

Kedric: Warren, when people see you play for the first time what will they see?

Warren: Hopefully, a guy that works hard and plays to win.

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