The new kid on the block

<p>Jack Ingram is the player that most fans can't wait to see. You've read so much about this burly giant, and now it's time to see what he brings to the table. You have to figure Ingram will be in Coach Weber's rotation. This is what Ingram had to say about his upcoming season.

Kedric: Jack, you're the new kid on the block. Most fans haven't seen you play. What are they going to see?

Jack: I can tell you right now that I play hard. I want them to know that I will give 100% every time out on the floor.

Kedric: Describe your game.

Jack: I'm very versatile; I'm a threat inside or outside. I want to make it tough on the defense.

Kedric: Jack, how are you dealing with all the pre-season expectations?

Jack: I don't feel we have tough expectations. All the pressure comes from what we put on ourselves. We're the ones that have to go out and play. We want to be the best team we possibly can because that's what we have worked for.

Kedric: What has been the biggest adjustment for you coming in from another college?

Jack hanging out with the fellas

Jack: From one school to the other, the physical part is not even close. It took me half of last season to make this transition. I had to get used to being pounded on in practice everyday.

Kedric: Jack, you used the phrase "pounded on". Who did most of that in practice - Brian Cook?

Jack: Cook was the one the majority of the time. Cook wasn't the biggest guy in the world, but he knew how to use his body very well for a guy his size.

Kedric: Jack, what are your thoughts on Bill Self's leaving and you coming here to play for him?

Jack: Coach Self had to do what's best for him and his family. Sure I wanted to play for him, but now I have a new coach that has my best interest at hand. A lot of the things are the same. Athletic Director Ron Guenther told us he was going to find us a good coach and he did.

Kedric: Are you nervous about playing Big Ten basketball?

Jack: No. I'm really excited about it, doing something that I love and with a great group of guys.

Kedric: So much has been made of the leadership role; what are your thoughts on it?

Jack: Everyone knows this is Dee's team. He leads by example and his hard work ethic. We are all leaders in a way, but this is Dee's team - without a doubt.

Jack with Nick tallest Illini ever:)

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