Let it go please

<p>For the past eight months I've heard nothing but comments like "What if Bill Self was still here?", or "If Self were the coach here the Illini wouldn't have lost to UNC and Providence." Well fans, read here because I'm going to tell you a little secret.

The man is not coming back! Nor do I think it's fair to Bruce Weber to be compared to him or be told, "You lost Shaun Livingston because you are not a house-hold name coach." Let me tell you a little about myself. I take care of the people that take care of me. What I'm saying here is that I'm a very loyal person. The team I root for has two coaches that I know are loyal and will be here until told otherwise. Former coach Bill Self could have stayed, but showed all the Illini fans nation-wide how loyal he was to them.

Bill Self is not the best coach in the game, fans, let me tell you. If he were you wouldn't still be talking about the Notre Dame game.

If Bruce Weber doesn't land a recruit that everyone thinks he should doesn't mean the guy failed. It meant the kid didn't want to play for Illinois. Take a closer look at your own program. How do you think Texas fans feel that Deron Williams is not playing for the Longhorns? Or how the Memphis fans felt when former Illini guard Cory Bradford broke the NCAA record with 88 straight games with a three-point basket made.

Don't be so fooled to fall in love with Self's famous high-low game, because there's way too many coaches out there that can take that away - just like Notre Dame's Mike Brey did and told the media he would do it.

Last week on this same famous board, I saw the post of 2003 by a fan named Accy88. He painted his picture like Picasso - it's really a beautiful piece.

Just a few reminders:

Read between the lines here people

11/27/01 - Maryland 76, UI 63 – Sure Maryland was a good team, but UI looked lost on defense and stood around on offense. Weber was clearly out-coached.

1/9/02 - Purdue 84, UI 75 – This was not a great Purdue team. UI could not box out my grandma in this game. Isn't Weber teaching anything?

1/26/02 - Indiana 88, UI 57 – This was a disgusting coaching job by Weber. The team was not prepared to defend the perimeter when everyone knows that is IU's game. The thrashing taken in this game proves UI is heading for years of mediocrity under Weber.

1/15/03 - Iowa 68, UI 61 – This was an embarrassment. Iowa was a bad team. UI was not prepared for this game. They did not stop the drive all night. No adjustments at all. Alford clearly out coached Weber in this one.

2/15/03 - Purdue 70, UI 61 – Come on. Another decent but not great Purdue team beats UI easily. Keady out-coaches Weber every year. Sure he cannot beat Weber in AH, but he gets the job done at home with inferior talent. Elite teams win games at Purdue.

3/22/03 - Notre Dame 68, UI 60 – UI looked lost from the very beginning of the game. Very poor preparation by Weber. They hit three after three after three and Weber never adjusted his defense. Actually, Weber never adjusted the offense either.

Now Providence! AAAHHHHHH! We need a good coach like that guy at Kansas. He never loses games like this!

I think you get my point here. Another key factor with the current Weber era - he signed the second best player in the state (Shaun Pruitt) who could have easily gone to MSU, a school that along with the Illini has dominated the Big Ten in recent years and has a recent NCAA Title.

The more the fans talk about how much they miss Bill Self the more that feeds into his ego. Just because he's a college basketball coach don't think the man doesn't read the Internet or read the papers - he's human. I know a lot don't believe that, but he is.

Show the man your respect. He doesn't deserve to be in an interview and be asked about Bill Self. Imagine you taking a new position at work and all the co-workers talk about is the person you replaced. That's got to be good for the old self-esteem, hey?

I mentioned to you about the loyalty factor. Think about this for a second. Would you want a man to lead the ship that couldn't tell 90% of the players on the team that HE recruited he was leaving? Not me. I will stand by Bruce Almighty and Kansas can have itSelf.

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