Dave Telep Chat Transcript

Dave Telep was in the IlliniBoard.com Premium Chat room on Monday night, and he answered the questions of Illini fans about Illinois recruiting including Jamarcus Ellis, Tyler Hansbrough, David Palmer, and Julian Wright.

HoopsMcCann: Dave, I'll start....what can you tell us about our chances with Rondo?

Dave Telep: Rondo: Good question. For starters, I think he likes Illinois and UI has made some strides. However, there is the obstacle called Louisville. If they eventually offer it's over and he'll go there. He would prefer to stay close to home.

sterlingwarriorfan: does louisville have room?

Dave Telep: Right now Louisville is full. However, things could happen that could free up a spot, especially if Sebastian tested the waters. OR the kid could pay his own way for a year.

sterlingwarriorfan: can you give us a glimpse of what illinois 2005 class could look like?

Dave Telep: I think Julian Wright winds up being an important recruit for UI. They are involved with a plethora of big men like Hansbrough (longshot), David Palmer (good shape), Theo Davis, and Luke Zeller.

IlliniHoopsNut: Dave, what do you think about Jamarcus Ellis? His game, his "troubles", and where he'll play his college ball?

Dave Telep: It's been such a long time since I've Ellis, it would be tough to comment. I've kind of lost touch with him. It would seem strange that a kid his caliber would pull such a disappearing act only to reappear as a legit big time prospect. Not sure that is the case here.

sterlingwarriorfan: what about backcourt players such as tabb, frasor, mcneal? have you seen these players and what are your thoughts?

Dave Telep: Tabb was hurt the other day when i was in the gym; his cast comes off Dec. 8. Seen him, liked him but need to see more. I really like Frasor. Word is he's been a little up and down this year but the kid will never forget how to shoot it.

sterlingwarriorfan: thanks. i really like frasor

sterlingwarriorfan: frasor could be a travis deiner type

Dave Telep: I think Frasor has a very high IQ and aptitude for the game and he needs that because he's an average athlete. However, his savvy and stroke make him a legit wing option.

Brumby: Dave -- do you know anyone besides Rando that Illinois is looking at to fill a need in the Class of 2004 ?

Dave Telep: I don't think Illinois is looking hard at too many high school guys right now in the class. It's pretty much mined out. Overseas and transfers are always popular at this time of the year.

Kubby: I was curious about Theo Davis - is he really that good?

Dave Telep: I think Theo is a high-major player. I'll be interested to see if he maintains his Top 25 status. He's got size, would like to see him get really aggressive on the scoring and rebounding ends.

Kubby: have you spoken with him - is he leaning to anyone?

HoopsMcCann: Dave, a couple of new names I've seen mentioned with UI are Jamont Gordon and B.J. Raymond. What can you tell us about them, and what is Weber's interest level in these kids?

Dave Telep: Raymond is one of those lunch pail guys. You'd probably like him to be a little taller but he consistently busts his tail. I can see Big Ten teams liking him as well as some C-USA programs. I have not seen Gordon.

IlliniHoopsNut: Dave, who do you think has the best chance with Zeller? If Illinois could pare him with somebody like Palmer in next year's class, they'll be in great shape in the frontcourt.

Dave Telep: Zeller is more of a skilled big man than Palmer. David will have to outwork guys and really make things happen inside. Luke can step out. Think a lesser talented Shavlik Randolph coming out of high school.

IlliniHoopsNut: Lesser talented than Randolph? Ugh. That guy has not impressed me at all at Duke.

Dave Telep: IlliniHoop: Watch what you say, he's a first rounder in the making.

IlliniHoopsNut: Dave, I'd love to wager you on the Randolph first round thing. No way does that guy get drafted in the first round, he's the 2nd coming of Chris Burgess.

Dave Telep: Illini: I'll take the wager. I have some NBA scout friends who made more than a few special trips to see him and they really like him. Remember, he's just now getting healthy.

IlliniHoopsNut: Dave, let's figure out a way to make a wager. I just don't see it, he's put on too much weight and it's taken away much of his athleticism.

Illiniphil: Dave...will BWeb's brother have any significant influence on Scheyer?

Dave Telep: Not sure but common sense says that should be a big assist. The big boys are going to come after Scheyer, that's for sure.

sterlingwarriorfan: chris collins and duke will have a say with scheyer

IlliniHoopsNut: Dave, no offense but I can't stand it when people like you say "the big boys" are going to come after Scheyer, implying that Illinois is not one of the big boys. It may be true, probably even moreso with Self gone. Where do you see Illinois in the overall list of hoops programs? Top tier? Second tier? Have we taken a step back since Self left in your eyes?

Dave Telep: Illini: No offense taken. BUT it is a fact in college basketball that the "Big Boys" are Duke, UNC, Kentucky, UCLA and Kansas. I feel Illinois is a top dozen program in the nation but if I use the term big boys, it's short for the five elite recruiting powers in America and it's not meant to offend anyone.

HoopsMcCann: No Zona in that list of "Big Boys"?

Dave Telep: Zona and UConn are certainly national powers .... they are probably just another decade or so away from being mentioned in the same sentence.

sterlingwarriorfan: dave- do you see shaun pruitt as a back to the basket scorer for us?

Dave Telep: First of all, of the box scores I've seen with Pruitt, I'm tremendously happy to see he's putting in work on the glass. I think he would rather be a face up guy but he'll be asked to do both.

Osthoff: Speaking of NBA scout friends, can you tell us anything that they say about our 3 sophs. Auggie, Dee & Deron?

Dave Telep: Osthoff: Sure. I see Dee making it in the league because he's so damn fast. DW has a chance because of his smarts and scoring ability but it's a little early. Augie, shoudl he continue to develop could one day slide into the second round. All three have a shot.

HoopsMcCann: Dave, what about Jeremy Pargo? What's our interest level in his recruitment?

Dave Telep: Hoops: Not sure. I know they haven't offered. To me, he hedges to more of the shooting guard slot but isn't necessarily the right size for the role. He'll need a strong season and good summer.

MikeFrank: Dave- what about Holloway? Is he a big loss for the Illini?

Dave Telep: Holloway is a guy that Pitino might value more than other coaches. First, he's going to have to shed more weight and Pitino loves putting guys on the Louisville diet. I've always said that there is a player in his body, but there is certainly work to be done. I would expect him to have more of an impact in his 2-4 years in college.

MikeFrank: Dave- do you KNOW of anyone leaning towards Illinois for sure? I hard Wright might be leaning towards KU.

Dave Telep: I don't think Wright is leaning anywhere. He told me that he really wants to keep an open mind throughout the season and go from there.

MikeFrank: Dave- do you KNOW of anyone leaning towards Illinois for sure? I hard Wright might be leaning towards KU.

Dave Telep: Palmer told me a few weeks ago that he was leaning to Illinios but again, it's very early.

CoolHandLuke: Hey Dave, were you suprised at how Deron Williams was playing before he broke his jaw? He had a really bad game against Providence, but before that he looked like an All-American.

Dave Telep: I think Deron Williams remains one of the most underrated college guards in America. I'm not saying he's a pro but he's a terrific college guard.

Illiniphil: Dave-with 5 schollies to give, IL will have a pretty long wish list for 2005. How would you rank the 2005 class in relationship to the last few years? It seems like the IL class is a little lighter, but the national class is pretty strong.

Dave Telep: I think Jay Price does a fine job. He's one of those guys that if you asked him for a list of guys that are potential recruits, he'd whip it right out and be able to give you a firm grasp of the direction they are going. He's an information gatherer and is consciencous about following kids.

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