Chris Pool Wednesday Night Chat Transcript

Chris Pool visited the Chat Room on Wednesday night, December 17th, to update Illinois fans on the latest football recruiting news. Chris discussed Illinois' current commitments, while also breaking the commitment of WR/DB Jody Ellis during the chat last night. Other topics discussed include next season's starting quarterback, team speed, and the effect of last season on this year's recruiting efforts.

sterlingwarriorfan: Will Jadron be an illini?
Pool Recruiting: He's waiting on ND and Nebraska but I don't think either will get to him so yes he'll be Illini.
sterlingwarriorfan: good. we need at least 1 offensive lineman in this class
Pool Recruiting: Is that a dig? Illinois has two committed already.

sterlingwarriorfan: is sparkman big 10 caliber?
Pool Recruiting: Yes
Brumby: Chris -- How is the lack of a defensive coordinator effecting recruiting? and is there any word on who the replacement will be ?
Pool Recruiting: I haven't heard about a DC. I hear he's going to the NFL to find a replacement. I don't think its having an effect at all.
batesy: Chris will our Freshman O-lineman from last year be ready for next year or aren't they that good??
Pool Recruiting: Experience always helps. I think the o-line is going to be fine. Illinois needs team speed on defense
sterlingwarriorfan: what are the illini's chances with jr. offensive lineman doering of barrington?
Pool Recruiting: Right now, they are good Sterling. Dan is open minded. He came away impressed with ND but I'm sure he'll weigh all his options
sterlingwarriorfan: good

Kedric: Chris tell us who you like at QB next season and why?
batesy: who's the QB of the future in the state of Illinois Chris?
Pool Recruiting: Well, I've always liked Pazan but I thought Bower was one of the most athletic QB's I've seen in a long time. I'd like to see those guys push each other. I'd like to see Illinois get Jake Christensen from Lockport he's going to be a stud sterlingwarriorfan: i want christensen too. i think he's better than price.
Brumby: Chris -- speaking of needing team speed, are any of the current commits good enough to play as true freshmen on defense, and what about any possibilities for non-committed players to have an impact on that side of the ball right away ?
Pool Recruiting: Brumby, I think Remond Willis, Russ Weil and Xavier Fulton could all see action next year
Pool Recruiting: Weil = BEAST!
sterlingwarriorfan: weil is a stud
Illini3: Fulton should start
Pool Recruiting: There's some linebackers now that have already committed that can flat run and that's what Illinois needs
Pool Recruiting: N'Western recruits speed, speed and more speed

sterlingwarriorfan: what are your thoughts on junior rb gavin harcar of ottawa? some ncic people think he is big ten caliber. i don't see it.
Pool Recruiting: I don't think so Sterling
sterlingwarriorfan: is jason reda from rocky the best kicker in the state?
Kedric: Reda has a leg, i've seen that kid kick 50-55 yards easy.
Illini3: the three offensive linementhat are freshmannext year will the start chris
Illini3: Chris I mean freshmanfrom this year will they start next year on offensive line
Pool Recruiting: Illini3, they should at least push for starting spots. O'Donnell was an All-American so its his time
Illini3: why did they not start this year, they had to of been better then what we had out there
Pool Recruiting: It's tough for Freshman to get on the field. Their heads are spinning from Day 1. I saw a few freshman play around the country this year but not a whole lot
Brumby: Chris -- what are your thoughts on Charles Bailey from Indiana who committed today ?
Pool Recruiting: Bailey, like McDonald is a head scratcher to me. I went and saw Northrop play this year and he didn't do much.
sterlingwarriorfan: i liked what i saw from driscolls greg turner. why no interest from illini?
sterlingwarriorfan: turner could play safety
Pool Recruiting: Great question Sterling! I'd take turner any day of the week
sterlingwarriorfan: me too
sterlingwarriorfan: turner is a flat out winner
Pool Recruiting: ...but having said that, I don't think he was any better than McGooey or Kleckner when they were in HS
sterlingwarriorfan: turner can hit
sterlingwarriorfan: bobby buchanon showed me he is a hitter too. i like guys that are physical.
Pool Recruiting: Bobby impressed me this year as well. He looked bigger and faster this year as well.
sterlingwarriorfan: imo, buchanon will have a good chance seeing the field his frosh year

Illini3: since ther is aback log of running backs who do you think should be the starter next year
Pool Recruiting: Halsey!
Illini3: I agree
Kedric: Chris how far are we from a bowl game again with our players?
Pool Recruiting: Light Years!
Brumby: Chris -- are there any more big names that you think will end up at Illinois in this class ?
Pool Recruiting: Sure, Bryant Creamer , Darrell Jackson and there may be a couple of more
Pool Recruiting: Guys I'm on the phone right now with the newest Illini!
Illini3: who is it
Kedric: And that would be.
sterlingwarriorfan: rolando martin please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pool Recruiting: WR/DB Jody Ellis has just informed me that he's calling Turner now to pledge Illinois! (Sorry Sterling)
Illini3: yes
Pool Recruiting: Illinois Gets A Good one!
Pool Recruiting: Ellis can play!
Pool Recruiting: Reminds me a lot of Glen Earl who played at Naperville North and Notre Dame
Pool Recruiting: He says he'll start out at WR but he'll end up at safety!
Pool Recruiting: Strong, fast leaper who can hit
sterlingwarriorfan: we need defense
Pool Recruiting: If Turner sticks around, he has some good defenders coming in
Illini3: can turner ever get bolingbrook high back as a recuriting sight since now Iowa has it
Pool Recruiting: NO, Bolingbrook in Iowa Country
Kedric: Why?
Illini3: man that stinks
Pool Recruiting: Head coach John Ivlow is creating a Iowa pipeline for Iowa assistant coach Lester Erb
Illini3: they have good players coming out of there
Pool Recruiting: Yea, Bolingbrook has two more blue chippers next year. LB Ryan Bain. CB Tre' Allen

sterlingwarriorfan: will the junior mendenhall be the best back in nation next year?
Pool Recruiting: He has to be up there Sterling.
sterlingwarriorfan: good. sounds like a very solid commit
Pool Recruiting: Illinois is absolutely loaded with prep talent next year. Illinois needs to clean up. Priority #1 Doering. Priority #2 Jeske!
sterlingwarriorfan: does jeske like notre dame?
sterlingwarriorfan: #3 in my book is Christensen
sterlingwarriorfan: i asked this when you where gone chris. top 10 juniors in illinois in your opinion?
Pool Recruiting: I don't know that exactly yet. Doering, Mendenhall, WR from Morgan Park can't think of his name, Jeske, Bain, Christensen
Pool Recruiting: Freddie Barnes
Pool Recruiting: Larry Luster is on the phone with me now!
Pool Recruiting: Hold On
Pool Recruiting: Indiana leads Illinois for luster
Pool Recruiting: Kenni Burns at IU is luring Luster to IU
Pool Recruiting: Guys, Luster said that Indiana's facilities are 10X better than Illinois and the campus is incredible. He couldn't stop talking about Indiana
Pool Recruiting: The final dagger.....
Pool Recruiting: Luster says..."Illinois lost to Indiana anyway. Illinois beat Illinois State and that's not good." sterlingwarriorfan: if luster goes indiana, will illini go juco for dt's?

sterlingwarriorfan: chris- we need defensive tackles real bad. will we get any in this class?
Pool Recruiting: Two- Fulton and Sam Carson
Illini3: fulton better start next year
sterlingwarriorfan: carson DT?
Pool Recruiting: Carson is going to grow. I'd make him a D-Tacke in a second. Too slow to play LB
sterlingwarriorfan: thats promising to hear about carson. he would be a hell of an athltete and 280-290
sterlingwarriorfan: what position will barnes play in college?
Pool Recruiting: I like him as a quarterback. I don't know if he's fast enough to play WR or RB
sterlingwarriorfan: if he wants to play qb then bring him in as 1.
Pool Recruiting: Freddie beat Jake Christensen this year. He throws a beautiful ball
sterlingwarriorfan: how tall is barnes?
Pool Recruiting: 6-1

Illiniphil: Opinion...does JB get a 6th year from the NCAA, or do they tell him to pound sand?
Pool Recruiting: I don't think he gets it. Let's get Pazan and Bower out there ASAP anyways
sterlingwarriorfan: agree
sterlingwarriorfan: time to move on
Kedric: Which do you like better, Pazan or Bower?
sterlingwarriorfan: i really want to see bower play. i like a qb that can run
Pool Recruiting: Pazan has the arm. Bower throws a better ball and he runs a 4.4
sterlingwarriorfan: what is tim brasics future?
Pool Recruiting: Clipboard!

sterlingwarriorfan: have you seen zach holycross? what do you think?
Pool Recruiting: Zak Holycross is kind of a head scratcher as well. I think he can play in the Big Ten but he's not getting a sniff.
Pool Recruiting: He's as good as Ryan McDonald and Tony Sparkman, that's for sure
sterlingwarriorfan: he's in illini territory

sterlingwarriorfan: will fabien martin be a boiler or illini?
Pool Recruiting: I think Fabian will end up at Purdue.
sterlingwarriorfan: bring on creamer
Pool Recruiting: Creamer is saying ND now.
UIDeep: What about the D backs we have recruited...can any of them be the head hunter we need?
sterlingwarriorfan: buchanon can
sterlingwarriorfan: i believe harrison of bloomington will be a big hitter on defense. along with weil
sterlingwarriorfan: chris- if we get a couple of winning seasons under our belt the recruits will come back. agree?
Pool Recruiting: Winning is the cure all.
Pool Recruiting: for the most part...I don't think the class is that bad
sterlingwarriorfan: who does weil remind you of?
Pool Recruiting: Brian Urlacher with more speed
sterlingwarriorfan: wow
UIDeep: Weil?
sterlingwarriorfan: weil bigger hitter than urlacher
Pool Recruiting: Guys, I saw Weil come to the sideline this year with a broken hand, it was the size of a softball.
Pool Recruiting: All he did was scream at the doctors to get him back on the field
sterlingwarriorfan: so weil will play outside lb?
Pool Recruiting: My jaw just hit the ground!

Kedric: People don't fear us.
Pool Recruiting: I couldn't help sitting in the stands for the Northwestern game and seeing big Dana Howard overlooking the field, just thinking to myself....
Pool Recruiting: "What happened here!"
Kedric: Lou Tepper
Pool Recruiting: I went down to the Northwestern locker room after the game and the coaches were laughing!
sterlingwarriorfan: no passes in 2nd half. thats how bad it was
Pool Recruiting: ...About how they didn't pass once in the second half and ran the same play 50 times
sterlingwarriorfan: we knew what was coming and you know the rest of the story
UIDeep: Laughing huh...after all the years they were the worst team in the world
sterlingwarriorfan: this was the worst season ever
sterlingwarriorfan: at least tepper had defenses that kept us in games
UIDeep: I'd love to have a video of that...NW's coaches laughing at us
sterlingwarriorfan: if we combine teppers defense with turners offense we have something
UIDeep: 0-22 isn't possible SWF
sterlingwarriorfan: sad
Pool Recruiting: Guys, I have to run. Take care, thanks for coming!

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