Big Man David Palmer Gives The Verbal

<p>Tennessee native 6-8 David Palmer of Antioch gave the Illini the verbal commitment.

This just after head coach Bruce Weber just got back from seeing Palmer play over Christmas break. David Palmer, a promising power forward and member of the Class of 2005.

David Palmer, a 6-8 power forward, is ranked among our Top 25 prospects in the Class of 2005. In fact, he's No. 25. Palmer gave the Illini the verbal over schools like Alabama, Tennessee, Kansas and Notre Dame.

Palmer has made it known that he felt really comfortable with Coach Weber and his players. "It was really fun when I visited Illinois. I got to play with Dee, Luther and Deron and all those guys."

This is a great catch for Coach Weber and his staff; he is proving he has the abilities to get some of the nation's best players, according to recruiting gurus this is just the first of many for Weber.

David Palmer dunks with Tyler Hansbrough looking on. Photo by IB-IN Staff Michael Bates

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