Bruce Weber's Press Conference

<p>Read here for Coach Bruce Weber's take on Saturday's game against Purdue and maybe some changes that need to be made on the team.

Opening statement: Our team was considered to be one of the best teams in the country even though they are still young; however right now, we haven't lived up to it.

Q. A lot of coaches have talked about their team's inconsistent play. What do you think is the problem?

A. Today's generation, most kids want instant gratification for things. It's the PlayStation era. I also blame some of it on AAU. I like AAU, but if a kid goes to Florida and loses, guess what? Next week he's going to Vegas, and if they lose there they go to New York. With us it's not that easy, and it's a hard mold to break with some kids.

Q. Steve Alford talks about having a kid with a tough personality. What's your opinion?

A. We need a guy to push the players a little bit. I was talking to Jimmy Collins after the UIC game and I told him that I didn't think his kids played as hard as they have in the past. He said when you lose kids that winning means everything to them, it makes things tough. You need kids with that "I refuse to lose" attitude.

Q. Coach, you have five players averaging double figures. Is that a positive or negative?

A. I think it can be positive because we also have freshmen Brian Randle and Richard McBride that are capable of doing that. On the negative side, we are looking for a "go-to" guy right now. We need someone who will step up and make the big shot. For example on Saturday, when the score was tied at 42 , who was going to be that guy?

Q. Coach, do you have a "go-to" guy?

A. Yes, and it's from a guy that doesn't play that much - Senior Jerrance Howard. When Deron was out, Dee was our leader. He did everything; he stepped up to the challenge. Because Dee was so effective running the point, the coaches and I have talked about keeping the ball in his hands and letting him play more of the point guard role.

Q. Bruce, with Aaron Spears and Jack Ingram struggling, have you thought about playing Warren Carter a little more?

A. This is a big adjustment for Warren. He was use to playing on the blocks and not having to move very much. Now he has to learn how to play with his back away from the basket. In practice, at the beginning of the year, he was being pushed all over the place and he was very frustrated with it. He's a thin guy to begin with, but he's really working in the weight room. He has made some progress and he's working hard at it.

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