One on One with Jamar Smith

<p>Illini-Nation took the time to talk with Jamar Smith. Read here to see what he has to say about playing for the Illini and other interesting comments

Illini-Nation: Jamar, what was the deciding factor in choosing to orally commit to Illinois?

Jamar Smith: I really like their style of play. They love to run and gun, that's the big thing. I can see myself working in that type of offense.

I-N: What did you like about the coaching staff?

JS: I've known coach McLain since I was 6 years old and had gone to his summer camps so I was real comfortable with him. Then I met Coach Weber and he's a great guy. I really like Coach Weber a lot.

I-N: How do you see yourself fitting in with the Illini?

JS: I think with my height I'm probably better suited for the point guard position but I like playing the 2 just as much. I see myself in like a Deron Williams type role. You have to be able to play both positions.

I-N: Jamar, what would you say is the best thing about your game?

JS: Right now it's my quick release.

I-N: And what do you need to work on the most?

JS: My physical strength. After watching the Purdue game I realized how much it can take out of you getting banged around like that. Purdue had some tough players. That's how the Big 10 will be though so I have to get ready.

I-N: You've told me before that you've grown up liking the Illini, do you have a favorite player from past Illini teams?

JS: Oh for sure Frankie Williams. Him, Sergio, and Marcus were always at the Manual camps that I used to attend. I loved watching Frankie Williams play ball.

I-N: Are you friends with any of the current players?

JS: Yeah me and Brian Randle worked out this summer together at Landmark Recreation Center. All the guys are cool.

I-N: Was following the so-called "Peoria pipeline" a factor in your recruitment?

JS: No not really. I just took the opportunity that was presented to me by Illinois.

I-N: Is there any player that you played with or against this summer that you'd like to see come to Illinois with you?

JS: I know they really like Julian Wright and Jon Scheyer and I played with both of them on my AAU team. We play really good together. I talk to them on a regular basis so now I'm a recruiter too.

I-N: Jamar thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions. Good luck with the rest of your season.

JS: No problem, anytime man.

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