Football Recruiting Update: Luster & Creamer

With just three scholarships left to give for the football recruiting class of 2004, Ron Turner and his coaching staff have narrowed their focus to a few key prospects. Two of those prospects that have offers on the table from the Fighting Illini both hail from the state of Illinois, defensive tackle Larry Luster and wide receiver Bryant Creamer. Read more on both of these players in an update from The Insiders National Recruiting Analysts and

Larry Luster is a 6'1 280-pound defensive tackle from Springfield, IL (Sacred Heart Griffin) that has a list of Illinois, Indiana, and Kansas. Right now Larry told Allen Wallace the national recruiting analyst for Super Prep and The Insiders that he is down to Illinois and Indiana, but "it's hard to choose because I like both so much," said Luster. "I know it's a marriage for 4-5 yrs and I want to make sure I pick the right girl."

In what is obviously a tough decision for Luster, he has weighed all the differences between both of his final schools, barely being able to differentiate one from another. As Luster told Wallace, "Indiana has better facilities, but the coaches at both places are really good. Illinois is closer and that helps. Otherwise, they are pretty even."

Even though Luster appears to be down to two schools, he may be willing to consider Kansas as well, but Larry is still waiting on a scholarship offer from Jayhawk head coach Mark Mangino. Kansas is waiting on Luster's SAT score before they offer the young man a scholarship, who stated "If Kansas offers I'll consider them too."

When asked what he will do before making his final decision, Luster told Wallace that he needed to "make a pros and cons list" and "think and pray about it" before he comes to the decision about what college he will attend for the next four years.

Bryant Creamer just completed a busy weekend that started on Friday January 16 with a visit to Wisconsin, and ended on Monday January 19 with the completion of his visit to Boston College. Bryant took advantage of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and visited both Wisconsin and Boston College and has one visit left to Virginia this weekend before he will sit down and make his decision between the five schools on his list: Boston College, Illinois, Notre Dame, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

When he was asked about his visit to Wisconsin Bryant told Allen Wallace, The Insiders National Recruiting Analyst that "he can't say enough about Wisconsin. The people were great and I liked chillin' with the guys." When Wallace asked Bryant about his visit to Boston College, Bryant responded that "everything was good. I really like Boston. It's a nice laid back city and not as big as Chicago."

The Fighting Illini are the team recruiting Bryant the hardest at this time according to Bryant because "they call more and seem more interested" he said. When asked what he liked about Notre Dame, Bryant said that "it's a great opportunity to get a good degree and they have a great alumni support."

The question that every Illini fan wants to know is whether or not the Illini are in the lead for the wide receiver from Chicago, but "they all stand out right now. I change my mind every week so I can't say I have a favorite."

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