One on One with Dodie Dunson

<p>Illini Nation talked to class of 2005 recruit Dodie Dunson. Dodie is from Bloomington, Illinois. Read here to see who is recruiting him and what his plans are.

During the River City Shootout in Peoria, Dodie Dunson led his team to an impressive victory over an overmatched Peoria Manuel squad. Dunson had 17 points. Dunson is the point guard for his high school team. At about 6'2, Dunson is good at attacking the basket and finding open teammates. His Bloomington squad could be a surprise team come Regional time. Here's what Dunson had to say about his recruiting so far:

Illini Nation: Dodie, what schools are you looking at and who's been in contact with you?

Dodie Dunson: Right now it's Bradley, Illinois, Marquette, and Illinois State.

I-N: And do you have a leader at this point?

DD: No not really right now.

I-N: When would you like to make a decision about your college choice?

DD: Probably this summer. For sure before school starts back up.

I-N: What would you say is your strongest point of your game?

DD: Oh I'd probably say my penetration. My ability to get to the lane.

I-N: And your weakest point?

DD: Umm, none. (laughing)

I-N: That's amazing Dodie, you have no weaknesses!

DD: That's right. (still laughing)

I-N: Who's gonna help you with the decision process?

DD: My parents will be the ones to talk with about that.

I-N: Which coach from Illinois have you been hearing from?

DD: Coach Weber. I usually get a letter or phone call from him at least once a week.

I-N: Thanks a lot for your time Dodie.

DD: No problem.

Before you think that Dodie Dunson is arrogant for saying he has no weaknesses, I want to put it in context. He was totally joking about that answer. He just really couldn't think of anything to say so he just busted up laughing and said "nothing". Dodie is a very well spoken and extremely nice kid to talk to. He's polite and sincere but yet has a good time joking around. Best of luck to Dodie in his decision.

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