Bruce Weber's Press Conference

<p>Coach Bruce Weber is looking forward to his trip to Bloomington Ind. tonight. It's also the reunion of two former high school teammates.

Q. Coach, can you explain your rotation of your "bigs" this past weekend?

A. Early in the season it's what I envisioned it to be, with Aaron Spears and Jack Ingram. Early in the season we may not have given them enough minutes, but at the same time they didn't produce early. Right now we have to find a way to get James going again. The past few games he's really struggled; even his rebounding. It may be from his injury. He also is getting into foul trouble again just like last year. We need to have James and Nick on the floor.

Q. What did Jack do that you liked so much against Michigan?

A. His defense was great; he showed and helped very well. He also did a great job on the defensive glass.

Q. Coach, how is Brian Randle?

A. He missed three days last week and the fourth day he was just starting to get into it again. On Saturday Michigan went to a zone so we had to change some things for match-up reasons.

Q. Coach, what're too many three-point shots to you?

A. I've always said 13-18 is a good number. When you get to 20 or more you forget about your inside game. Right now we have Deron, Luther and Rich as guys who shoot it pretty good. It will be nice to get Dee back up there. Rich made a shot and that was nice for him on Saturday; it should be good for his confidence.

Q. Last year, Coach, they hit 17 threes against Illinois. How do you plan to defend that?

A. A lot of it depends on match-ups. Indiana likes to spread the floor and penetrate and kick it out. They do a good job with A.J. He can cause problems for a lot of teams because often you get a 6'-8" guy out there trying to guard him. We also have to be careful how much pressure we put on them, because then they will attack the basket.

Q. At this point, Coach, you have a number of road games left. How do you approach them?

A. We don't approach any road games to lose. You tell the kids things good teams do to win on the road; for example when the crowd gets going, being patient on offense and getting a good shot. You have to have mental toughness to compete on the road. They must also understand tempo. When you're at home the crowd can push you a little more, but on the road you won't have that.

Q. Coach, in two road games this year your team has shot 36% - 37% from the field. How do you change that?

A. First you have to make your easy shots you get, then work the defense and get the ball inside. You have to play smarter when the crowd gets into it, and don't play on your heels.

Q. Coach, can you comment on the Bracey and Deron match-up?

A. Well, we only play them once so it's a big game. It's Illinois vs. Indiana, but I hope Deron will get excited. Our kids know what's on the line today. If we play to compete in the upper half of the Big Ten and for NCAA reasons, this is an important game. We don't want Deron to get caught up in the game and try a "get-you-back shot". I mean, you can't come down because someone knocks down a three and come down and do the same thing.

Thanks, Coach.

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