Ron Turner's Press Conference

<p>Today Ron Turner told us what he expects to see from the 2004 Fighting Illini.

Q: Coach, what do you hope to accomplish this season?

A: We need to learn how to stop people and get some confidence back, and our swagger. We need to protect the ball better this year and not put it on the turf. We definitely have to get stops this year. When we have a chance to make a play we need to make them. Getting turnovers will be a focus for the team this season. Another thing we need to do a better job at and that's tackling. That's a big concern for our defense this off-season. It's also very important that we play fast this year. When fans leave the stadium we want them to see a great team that plays hard. We have the players here to do that. Along with competing every possession, I want our kids to have fun.

Q: Coach, what's the injury status like right now?

A: We have a couple of guys with sore hamstrings, but for the most part we are healthy. DE Scott Moss broke his hand and will be held out this week but should be fine next week.

Q: Coach, do you talk about your 1-11 season with these guys?

A: No, we are trying to move forward. Right now they are working hard to become better and they are having fun right now. Last year is in the past.

Q: How will you determine who your starters will be?

A: How hard they compete. I want them to compete in practice and in games, but also have fun doing it.

Q: Can you talk about having a new defensive coordinator?

A: Sure. There will be some adjustments, but we will simplify things a little and do what we do, and do it very well. We still will have plenty in our package however.

Q: Coach, what are you looking for in a QB?

A: Leadership, gut feeling and someone who can make plays and protect the ball.

Thanks Coach.

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