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Dave Telep joined the chat room last night to provide various different tidbits about recruiting across the nation before he left on a plane to cover the tournaments in Las Vegas this weekend. Among the players discussed in this chat were Calvin Brock, Luke Zeller, Justin Dentmon, and Illini commits David Palmer and Jamar Smith. <br><br> Read more on the Fighting Illini's recruiting efforts in this chat transcript from

Dave Telep: Good evening Folks
Dave Telep: Gentlemen, what in the world can I do for you?

sterlingwarriorfan: dave give us the zeller scoop
Dave Telep: Well, he's coming this weekend. That much we know for sure. He'll have some company in Calvin Brock. It looks like Illinois is on solid ground with him. He's a meat and potatoes guy, just like Bruce Weber.

Illiniphil: Does Brock verbal on Sunday?
Dave Telep: The sun will rise on Sunday, I know that much. He was on DePaul's campus unofficially last weekend.

brindelin: Do you think Illinois is regaining some recruiting momentum with the top flight kids that we were establishing under Self, or still a few more years from that?
Dave Telep: I think the signing of Zeller would really be a big boost in terms of elite level prospects. Julian Wright and his above the rim show would also help.

butts: dave--bossi feels zeller is lock for nd--you?
Dave Telep: I do not feel Zeller is a lock for anywhere.

Gramby: Are we in Rashad Woods' top 3?
Dave Telep: Not sure if you are Rashad Woods' top 3. I would imagine more schools want to evaluate him before marrying him this spring.

sterlingwarriorfan: what are your thoughts on carbondale point guard justin dentmon?
Dave Telep: I was a Dentmon fan. Always liked his toughness and I once saw him make a game winner and those shots stick with you.

Illinidiscostu: Where does a fully healty David Palmer rank in your top 100?
Dave Telep: I haven' seen a fully healthy David Palmer in a while. He's got some work to do after the Boo Williams. He was in my preseason Top 25 (No. 25) but he's looking more like a solid Top 100 guy than that ranking.

IlliniJoe: Did you get to see Jamar Smith at the Boo? What did you think?
Dave Telep: Jamar did play at Boo. Saw him twice. Struggled a little with his perimeter shot. Would like to see him be more diverse on offense but only saw him twice.

sterlingwarriorfan: is palmer a clone of shaun pruitt in terms of their games?
Dave Telep: Pruitt has more of a resume now than Palmer at the same stage. I think Palmer has a lot of talent but he'll need this summer to really prove himself. I thought Shaun had an excellent summer and senior season. Here's to hoping David can do the same

Illiniphil: A lot of people have compared Jamar to Devin Harris...your thoughts?
Dave Telep: I did not see the Devin Harris comparison right now. Harris is a lot more PG.

IBFUTURE: Dave - Have you talked to Scheyer about where he is with his thought process regarding recruitment? If so where does your gut tell you he will end up?
Dave Telep: Scheyer gave me a list of schools (Illinois, Duke, UNC, Cal, and a few others). I think he wants a reason to stay close to home. To me, he'll look for a reason to stay close.

sterlingwarriorfan: what are your thoughts on kevin lisch being a high major type player?
Dave Telep: I can't wait to see Kevin again. I followed him through the paper this year. Saw him last summer and liked him. I know he's not going far from home and I also can't wait to see him at camp because I understand he's raised his game a level!

IlliniJoe: Tell us a little about what made you rank Palmer so highly initally.
Dave Telep: I thought Palmer was a solid inside player. Now, I had him at No. 25 and honestly I wasn't in love with the class at the time (still am not). The injury appears to have set him back but there's a chance to get it going again. Plenty of chances.

Boomshakalaka: Dave -- how would you rank Grimes, Darnell Jackson, Palmer, and Pruitt?
Dave Telep: Jackson is the youngest of the bunch in terms of basketball. He's been playing the least. Pruitt is the best scorer of the lot. Grimes will do well if he has a good PG ala Jason Horton to put him into posiition to finish plays.

butts: dave--are you surprised that Jamar Smith was the first guard offered by bruce weber?
Dave Telep: Butts: Tough to say because I never saw him in a high school game.

IBFUTURE: Dave - As you know we are looking at a replacement for the assistant coach position. Any reccomendtions?
Dave Telep: Will you be mad if I used Big Ten assistants as recommendations?
Dave Telep: Probably wouldn't happen, but Rob Jeter at Wisconsin is excellent, so is Purdue's Tracy Webster from what I hear. As for out of conference, Gene Cross seems to be a rising staff from DePaul.

sterlingwarriorfan: dave. can you give us some suprise names that we have not seen mentioned with illinois
Dave Telep: I think most high major schools are going to look hard at Josh Tabb from Century. He was excellent last week. Kevin Rogers out of South Oak Cliff in Dallas is spinoff on James Augustine.

Dave Telep: Folks, Julian Wright is so athletically gifted. He attempted a 360 off the catch in traffic the other day and it blew my mind.

IBFUTURE: I enjoyed your piece a couple years ago on the best up and coming assistant coaches. Any chance you will do that again?
Dave Telep: IBFUTURE: It was such a time consuming process. I thought about this year and will probably reinstate it next year. If you go back and look, Norm Roberts and Frank Haith were ridiculously high on those lists.
IBFUTURE: Most of the assistants you had mentioned in that piece went on to get head coaching positions so you obviously knew what you were talking about.
Dave Telep: IBF: Thanks. I enjoyed doing that. Remember how high Mick Cronin was on that one and Pelphrey?

IlliniGuy4Life: On Zeller: "That isn't a very well kept secret about Zeller. He is pretty much a lock to go to Notre Dame. At this point at least." Unfortunately, that is the 2nd legitimate source (IMO) that I have heard or read this.
IlliniGuy4Life: thats what eboss said
Dave Telep: "At this point"??? When was that?
butts: last night
Dave Telep: Well, I guess that is his opinion

brindelin: Dave do you have a feel for how high Kansas is on Julian? and have they still not offered?
Dave Telep: I think Kansas has offered Wright. If he picked up the phone and wanted to commit, I'm pretty sure they'd take him. However, if KU nabs Micah Downs early, that just might take them out of the JW race altogether.

IlliniJoe: when is the Insider top 100 '05 list coming out?
Dave Telep: I think we'll be ready for a good Insiders list in early May.

sterlingwarriorfan: where would you rate brayden bell?
Dave Telep: Haven't seen him since last summer so i'd like to gauge how far he's come. Top 50-100 guy at this point i imagine.

sterlingwarriorfan: where do you think tyler hansbrough will end up at?
Dave Telep: Hansbrough remains a mystery. A few months ago, Florida was nearly a lock. Duke is making a pitch and UK is too. Missouri is not done either. Depends on how the family feels in a few months.

IlliniDeano: The Chicago Tribune listed the Trib's All State players and had Brock on the 1st team. Bob Sakamoto, who wrote the article said that Brock "was the best all around player to come out of the Chicago PHL since Quentin Richardson". Pretty high praise, do you agree?
Dave Telep: You know, all of saw of Brock was a half of AAU ball and the EA game. It would be tough for me to agree without a good live eval.

IBFUTURE: Dave - Do you think the 2005 class will have as many NBA jumpers as they are predicting in 2004? Who are some that are already being mentioned if you know?
Dave Telep: I think 2005 is light on NBA jumpers.

brindelin: your 05 class right now how many times have you seen a top 100 player play on average?
Dave Telep: brindelin: 3-5 times each at this point. Some guys well over a dozen

Kedric: Dave the Zeller are tough people to get a hold of, I know you have been asked this qustion 1,000 times, but can you get a feel for our chances. When I spoke with them all they could talk about is Jay Price our asst. coach.
Kedric: The really like him
Dave Telep: I think Jay Price has done one helluva job with Zeller ... He's a big fan of the staff from what i've gathered.

IlliniJoe: Was Palmer even running up and down the court without wincing? Did he look in terrible shape or just rusty?
Dave Telep: Didn't see Palmer this weekend. I will see him at Kingwood in two weeks. Talked to a number of onlookers and saw the stats myself just for confirmation.

sterlingwarriorfan: how about your evaluation of pt guard andre mcgee from cal?
Dave Telep: You guys were asking about targets: How about Austin Jackson, Andre McGee and Jamal Boykin. I think those guys start getting more mail.
Dave Telep: Andre McGee is an offensive type player. Really hunts his shot. Right around 5-11. Wants to score.

brindelin: Dominic james what do you think of him
Dave Telep: Liked James last summer. I'll be interested to see if he can take a step up and raise his game on the national level.

illinikrush: will Zeller not competing in aau this summer affect his chance to be a McDonalds all american?
Dave Telep: Illinkrush: with some it will. Because he's not playing a lot on the circuit,he'll need a dominating shoe camp effort to stay in the mix.

sterlingwarriorfan: our exposure on TV and the play of dee brown and deron williams will help our recruiting on the national leve;
sterlingwarriorfan: recruits like our style of play
Dave Telep: Exposure helps a lot. Dee and Deron help. Kids love watching those guys. They play with passion, speed and energy. They help recruiting in a big way.

sterlingwarriorfan: livingston- dook or the leauge?
Dave Telep: I think Shaun goes to the league

illinikrush: Dave in your opinion who is the best defensive player in the 05 class
Dave Telep: Illii:Krush: Great quesiton. Hit me with it in 3 months. I'll give you an example, I thought Corey Brewer was the best defender last year.
illinikrush: It is probably pretty tough to see Defense on aau games
Dave Telep: Illikr: so when a guy really defends well, you tend to notice ie Brewer

illinikrush: Dave what aau team was the "most fun to watch", I know the Atlanta Celtics were awesome when I saw them in Vegas last summer
Dave Telep: The celtics were fun. SO were the Gauchos out of NYC and Pump and RUn with Jordan Farmar

IlliniJoe: This is off-topic but where is Hariston going?
Dave Telep: Hairston doesn't know. I think Michigan is making a move. Kansas and UCLA are the other two. I don't know if he'll take two more visits.

brindelin: is TH playing with the eagles again?
Dave Telep: Hansbrough is with STL again
Illinidiscostu: Does Illinois still have a shot at Hansbrough?
Dave Telep: Don't think llinois has a shot at Hansbrough. He hasn't mentioned them in a while. Think about it? Did they really ever have much of a shot when parents went to Missouri? You could work as hard as you want on that one and be wasting some time. I thought they read the situation well early.

Dave Telep: Folks, I'm heading to Vegas in the morning to see some ball. Thanks for the chance to converse. Hope you all have a great weekend! I appreciate the turnout. would like to thank Dave Telep for taking the time to chat with us on Wednesday night.

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