The State's Best-Kept Secret 6-8 Big Man?

<p>Lance Young has been in the eyes of major college recruiters since he was in the ninth grade and now it's finally paying off for the gentle giant. Read here for how Young feels about the Illini and other schools.

Most players I get to see play maybe 1 to 3 times if I'm lucky, but with Young it's a little different. I have seen him play since his seventh grade year when he started the season at 6-2 and finished the season at 6-4. "Right now I'm 6-8, but my doctors tell me my growth plates are still open for more growth," said Young.

"Right now I have a number of schools looking real hard at me: Dayton, Southern Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Tennessee. The Volunteers invited me down there for a unofficial visit to watch a football game," stated Young.

"My favorite school is not showing much interest in me and that's Illinois. It's real hard because I live in the state and don't get much attention from them," added Young.

Young has said many times that he doesn't think he will play AAU basketball because his high school coach Larry Schulte plans a busy summer. The Pioneers play an average of 50-60 games during the summer and travel the state and the country pretty well.

Schulte said, "The sky is the limit for Young. I get phone calls every day about him." Schulte also admitted that Young does need to get stronger, but when the light clicks "on" for Young he's a very dominant high school player.

"Most of the college coaches tell me they like my game because I can post up players, but I can also shoot the three," said Young. On two occasions this season when I saw Young play, he had games where he knocked down three pointers like he was a 6-4 shooting guard.

Young also said what's frustrating to him is that people expect so much of him because he's so big and that really bothers him. "Most teams plan their entire defense to stop me and I know this, but if I want to be the player I can be I have to overcome that."

Young is only a junior right now and still has plenty of time to showcase his skills to the college recruiters. Young currently is ranked on The Insiders.Com as the nation's 12th best center prospect.

Photo from Alleman High School.

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