Point Guard Makes Visit

<p>Bruce Weber stated that he needs another point guard to add to his future team and wasted no time getting the Illini's name out there. Read here for the guard that's on campus now.

Sources say PG Kevin Lisch was on campus yesterday for an unofficial visit. Lisch is listed at 6-0, 175 pounds from Althoff Catholic High School in Belleville, Illinois. He averaged 23.5 points per game and is listed by TheInsiders.com as a three-star recruit.

During a recent press conference Weber talked about the importance of having a floor leader on board, just in case he were to lose one of his two stars to the NBA. "What we keep telling the guards is come play against the best every day," Weber said. "Then when they're gone, it'll be your turn."

Weber and company has put together quite a list of guards to chose from, and what impresses me is the location of these players which is proving the Illini are going national as well as local. Along with Lisch, the Illini watch-list includes Byron Eaton and Austin Jackson, both from the state of Texas where current players Deron Williams and Warren Carter are from, Chris Douglas-Robert of Michigan, Andree McGee from California, and Dominic James from Indiana.

But for now Lisch is the man that's on campus and hanging out with the players. Weber has proven to be able to recruit and hopefully has a great eye for talent. He pursued newest recruit Calvin Brock before the likes of UConn, Indiana and Michigan St. and that could be one of the main reasons Brock is an Illini today. Simeon head coach Bob Hambric asked the "new" schools where were they back in December and January?

Insiders Publisher Eric Bossi from Phot.Net had this to say about Lisch in an article done in January, "One of the top 5-10 players in the talent rich state of Illinois, Lisch is a shooter deluxe. He handles well enough to play the point for stretches and comes from a family of top shelf athletes."

Speaking of families and great athletes, his father played quarterback at Notre Dame which is also a school vying for his services along with Illinois,Iowa, Butler, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska and St. Louis, in no particular order.

This weekend the Illini coaching staff will attend the Kingswood AAU event in Houston Texas hoping to find that special player to keep the Illini in the nation's elite teams.


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