Recruiting Database Updated

So what does Brumby do when he gets a chance to sit on the Internet for an extended period of time this weekend? Well, besides reading up on video games and movies, he decided that it would be a good time to update the Basketball Recruiting Page. <br><br> Read more in this update from to see a list of the additions Brumby has made to the Recruiting Database.

Over the last season, I let the recruiting database portion of slip while I followed the roller coaster ride that Bruce Weber and his Fighting Illini were providing the Illini fans. Sure, I had the names of the major players from Illinois that the Illini were recruiting, but I did not do the research to find out the other names and get some good articles on these players. Well this weekend, I did some of that research, and here is what came of it.

NEW RECRUITS ADDED RECRUITING PROFILES UPDATED There are also some other changes that I am working on right now that should be completely shortly (within a couple of weeks) for the Recruiting Database. Among the changes that I have already started to implement are a new design, the addition of a few new features including links to available pictures, and hopefully a better way to know when the Recruiting Database is updated.

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