Illini Tennis Loses to UCLA in Final Four

The Fighting Illini Men's tennis team lost to UCLA 4-2 in the Final Four in an effort to repeat as Outdoor National Champions. Illinois started out the match by winning the doubles point, but ended up winning in the top three singles matches and the number five singles to pull out the 4-2 victory over the Fighting Illini.

Tulsa was the sight of Illinois' chance to repeat as outdoor national champions, but it was not to be as the Fighting Illini dropped their Final Four match to the UCLA Bruins 4-2. Craig Tiley's Illini started out the match on a good note by winning the doubles point behind the teams of Wilson & Stolt and Calikns & Martin.

Unfortunately for the Illini, the singles matches did not go well. After Chris Martin's win at Number 5 singles that gave Illinois the 2-0 lead, the Illini lost the next three singles matches at one, two, and three. That left GD Jones and Michael Calkins left on the court for the Illini needing victories from both to defeat UCLA for a place in the National Championship. It was not to be for the Illini as Phillipp Guendler defeated GD Jones 7-6, 1-6, and 6-3 in three sets. Calkins' match did not finish as UCLA had already clinched the match before it could end.

Illinois vs. UCLA

Team Scoring
Illinois 2

No. 1 Doubles SCORE
Brian Wilson/Phil Stolt (Illinois) 8
Alberto Francis/Kris Kwinta (UCLA) 6
No. 2 Doubles SCORE
Michael Calkins/Chris Martin (Illinois) 8
Philipp Gruendler/Luben Pampoulov (UCLA) 3
No. 3 Doubles SCORE
Ryler DeHeart/GD Jones (Illinois) DNF
Tobias Clemens/Chris Surapol (UCLA)

Illinois wins doubles point.

No. 1 Singles 1 2 3
Brian Wilson (Illinois) 3 6 1
Tobias Clemens (UCLA) 6 1 6
No. 2 Singles 1 2 3
Phil Stolt (Illinois) 0 6 3
Luben Pampoulov (UCLA) 6 2 6
No. 3 Singles 1 2 3
Ryler DeHeart (Illinois) 4 4
Chris Lam (UCLA) 6 6
No. 4 Singles 1 2 3
Michael Calkins (Illinois) DNF 5
Alberto Francis (UCLA)
No. 5 Singles 1 2 3
Chris Martin (Illinois) 6 6
Kris Kwinta (UCLA) 2 1
No. 6 Singles 1 2 3
GD Jones (Illinois) 6 6 3
Philipp Guendler (UCLA) 7 1 6

Order of Finish: #5, #3, #1, #2, #6

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