Julian Wright will be busy this summer

<p>Julian Wright will be the best player in the state of Illinois next year. I talked with his coach today about what the plans are for the summer and next basketball season. Read here for details.

Everyone wants to know which school is the leader for his services, but the Wright family and Coach Condotti are keeping their lips closed until the right time. "The time could be this November if he chooses to - if everything goes right," said Condotti.

For this summer, Condotti said, "As a team we plan to go to Brother Rice, Hillcrest, along with a few others, but on the college level we plan to attend NIU and Purdue's team camp this year, and not Illinois'."

Condotti shared what he thought his star player needs to work on to get ready for next season and college. He said without hesitation, "Next year we would like to see his scoring pick up for us. Next year we will have a really young team, and this will be his third year as a starter. He must be our team leader."

"Academically, he should be fine. He has good test scores so he should be ready to go; however, we haven't finished school here but we keep a close look on his grades, Condotti said.

Wright will also play AAU basketball with the Illinois Warriors this summer and we hope to get out to see him with both teams.

His current list of schools, according to his coach, includes Illinois, Indiana, Duke, Arizona, DePaul and Kansas.

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