"Dee Brown is my favorite college player" E. P

<p>Point Guard Eric Price from NJ really likes what he sees in the Illini and the coaching staff. Price is a 5-11 point guard with lightning-quick skills. Read here for his list of schools and his "favorite" college player.

Price is a PG from Blair Academy and is on a mission. The 155-pound guard does not hesitate to tell you that he loves Dee Brown. "He's my favorite player and I love to watch him play," said Price. "Right now I have a short list of schools that I like: Illinois, Florida, Michigan St. and Kansas. None of the schools have really offered me, but I know Illinois and Florida are interested in me the most and may offer me in July," added Price.

Head coach Bruce Weber will keep the machine rolling at Illinois - you can bet on that. He's not only trying to keep the state's best players home, but is also finding great players out of state as well. According to Price he's the DC Blue Devils' (his AAU team) leading scorer this season.

"Coach Price is really a great guy, and I really like him a lot. He told me that if I came to Illinois I would have some big shoes to fill when Dee is gone, and I welcome that," Price said.

"The offense that Illinois runs would be great for me because I can score and I can also defend and I think they like that," stated Price. Weber has put a stamp on last year's Illini program. You defend - you win. Price could see that last year.

This past week I've spoken to many "potential" recruits and one thing's for sure - every player and parent I've spoken to has been first class. Maybe that's why Weber is at the Illinois helm right now.

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