IBCA Class AA All Star Game Disappoints

It is late June, so it was the time of the year when the eyes of Illinois basketball fans focus on Bloomington, IL and the IBCA All-Star game. This year there was more drama than basketball for Illinois freshmen <b>Calvin Brock</b> and <b>Shaun Pruitt</b>. <br><br> Read more about the IBCA Class AA All-Star game in this update from IlliniBoard.com.

As the newspapers were printed, the stories started to come out about Illinois' Shaun Pruitt and a spatt with the IBCA North Class AA Head Coach. Fans at the game could see Shaun sitting down on the bench while his team was in the huddle without him, and they even saw him take off his shoes knowing he would not be re-entering the game. The North Class AA Coach Jim Tracy decided that he did not like the way Shaun was playing, so he put him on the bench after his allotted seven minute stretch in the first half and five minute stretch in the second half.

According to Shaun in an interview with the Decatur Herald & Review:
"I guess we kind of got into it. I'm really not going to comment on that," Pruitt said. "It doesn't matter. I'm really not going to care that much about it. It's just a game."
Decatur Herald & Review ...

All in all, this is not a big deal at all, but a situation that was unfortunate. Shaun wanted to play the IBCA game like an All-Star game, and it appears Tracy had a different idea about what should be done in the Bloomington exhibition.

The events of Saturday's IBCA game will be long forgotten by October, but right now in the doldrums of news surrounding the Illinois program this is all we have. Illini fans came to Bloomington hoping to see Calvin Brock and Shaun Pruitt put on a show, but they got something completely different.

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